How many more celebrities will hold up bloodied decapitated heads of President Trump before Americans turn on Democrats for ignoring their fellow Democrat’s gruesome portrayal of the death of our president?

How many more rappers are going to make videos that simulate an assassination of President Trump before Americans say, “enough!”?

How many more pinatas of Trump’s head need to be broken open by adults and their kids before the media reports honestly about the violence against our President that’s being pushed by the intolerant left?

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How many more guns need to be held up to heads of faux President Trump’s before the media calls out the left for inspiring violence against the President of the United States?

Illinois Democrat Senator Martin Sandoval is being criticized for a mock assassination of President Trump at a fundraiser for his campaign that took place over the weekend.

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After pictures were posted online showing Sandoval’s supporters at a fundraising event performing a mock assassination of a faux President Trump, the Democrat lawmaker came under fire.

The New York Post reports – “The tolerant left,” wrote a Facebook user in response to the incident.

Photos posted by a woman who witnessed the mock assassination on Friday night show supporters of Sen. Martin Sandoval, who represents Illinois’ 11th District — which includes parts of Chicago — acting out in front of guests, according to WCIA.

One of them can be seen pointing a fake machine gun at a man wearing a Trump mask and Mexican costume. The individual appears to simulate being shot — grabbing his chest and leaning back.

In another photo, Sandoval can be seen with his arm around the person who was holding the gun up to the faux Trump head.

The pictures have sparked outrage on both sides of the aisle, with Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker blasting them in a statement Saturday night.

“As our nation grapples with the epidemic of gun violence, purposely pointing a fake gun at anyone is insensitive and wrong,” Pritzker said. “I condemn actions like the ones displayed in the pictures because they lack the civility our politics demands.”

IL Sen. Martin Sandoval (D)

Sandoval released a statement Sunday apologizing for the incident — which he called “unacceptable.”

What do you think? Is Rep. Sandoval’s apology enough? Should the person standing next to Sandoval in the photo, at his fundraiser, who’s holding the gun up to the faux Trump head be made accountable for his actions? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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