Christine Pelosi, daughter of Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, posted a video of her mother walking to the impeachment vote dressed in black. Christine Pelosi tweeted: “Justice. Dignity. Solemnity. Sisterhood. #impeachment,” as she celebrated the impending impeachment vote of an innocent man.

Pelosi, who looks frightened in the video, is joined by a visibly nervous Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) who resides over a Democrat-majority district Michigan.

Dingell, who is standing on the sidelines as the cameras follow the Queen of the Titanic, is summoned by Nancy to join her, as she leads the death march of her party with the bogus impeachment vote against President Trump this afternoon. Meanwhile, President Trump continues to see an increase in his popularity numbers by Republicans and Independent voters, especially in must-win swing states for Democrats in 2020.


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The Hill reports – Pelosi and Dingell were among several female members who wore black to the event instead of the red traditionally worn on Wednesday to show solidarity with issues such as human trafficking and women’s heart health awareness.

Dingell told The Hill that some of the women wanted to wear dark hues “because it is a somber day.”

Trump lashed out at the House Speaker ahead of the expected vote to impeach him, claiming she would be remembered as the “worst” Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In the scathing six-page letter sent to Pelosi on Tuesday, Trump-branded impeachment a “fantasy” and accused House Democrats of “interfering in America’s elections.”

“You apparently have so little respect for the American People that you expect them to believe that you are approaching this impeachment somberly, reservedly, and reluctantly,” Trump wrote to the congresswoman. “No intelligent person believes what you are saying.”

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Pelosi later called the letter “sick” and “ridiculous.”

You know the Democrats are in trouble when they reject a motion to vote on impeachment by manual roll-call vote. Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk just tweeted that the Democrats have rejected the motion because they don’t want to bee seen on TV overturning the will of 63 million Americans. If they felt they had one shred of evidence that Trump was guilty of the articles of impeachment, they would be falling all over themselves to have their votes televised.

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett does a brilliant job of assessing the ridiculous impeachment of an innocent person, saying the Democrats have “weaponized” impeachment for politics, adding “This is exactly what the Founding Fathers feared.”

This is a dark day for America. It’s very appropriate that Nancy and her Democrat friends chose to wear black on a day such as this.

Please join us, as we pray for our President.

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