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The man honeymooned in a Communist country. He even wrote a paper about how woman fantasize about being gang raped. Combine all of that with the fact that he subscribes to the disturbing belief of Socialism and a reasonable person might believe it would all add up to a failed Presidential campaign. In the America of the past that would undoubtedly be the case. But in the Progressive hell the United States has now become a candidate with those credentials just seems to draw an ever larger crowd of supporters.

Politicus USA reports that Socialist presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, attracted a good size crowd during his recent visit to Denver, Colorado. So large in fact it was a larger crowd than any Republican candidate has attracted so far:

Bernie Sanders drew a bigger crowd than any Republican candidate, as 4,500 supporters filled his event in Denver.

According to the Sanders campaign:

“Thousands of cheering and chanting Coloradans – one of the biggest crowds for any presidential candidate so far this campaign – showed up here on Saturday night to hear Bernie Sanders tell them they were sending a message to the billionaire class that “‘You can’t have it all. This is our country too.’”

By the university’s count, 4,500 people were in the gym, atrium and lacrosse field to see Sanders, the candidate for the Democratic Party presidential nomination and a U.S. senator from Vermont.

Sen. Sanders drew the second biggest crowd of the entire campaign in Denver. The only bigger crowd by official count wasHillary Clinton’s rally in New York last weekend. Sen. Sanders is pulling off the most impressive feat of the campaign. People are excited and showing up for his events.

Unlike Ted Cruz who drew a big crowd for his campaign launch by holding it a university event that students were forced to attend, the enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders is real. He doesn’t pay actors to come to his rallies and support him like Donald Trump did…”

If the Progressive website’s claim is true, IF, then this would possibly signify a disturbing trend where the United States is embracing the Socialist mantra more than it has previously.

But most likely, the fact that no one Republican candidate has yet to attract a large amount of public support at their rallies is just a result of the large field of Republican candidates, and the fact that the voters on the political right are just tired of establishment, cookie cutter politicians who will say anything to get elected. And then do as they please once in office.

As the number of candidates is whittled down on the Republican side either the crowds will appear to support that one candidate or, as they did during the last presidential election, they’ll stay home. Which, if history and Hillary’s lack of luck on her presidential runs hold, could possibly mean that Bernie Sanders may be the next United States President.

God help us if that cold day in hell becomes a reality. We’ve seen the damage one Progressive President who denies being a Socialist and a Marxist has done to this nation. Image the destruction a full fledged, proud to be Socialist President would do….

Via: Progressives Today

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