The Democratic Debate in Houston started out on the topic of health care.

The candidates were tripping over themselves to give Medicare for ALL.

Joe Biden is speaking like a carnival barker. Bernie Sanders is yelling out his position with angry eyes. It’s a hot mess of people speaking but saying nothing.

What these candidates don’t tell you is that taxes on the middle class would have to be raised to pay for Medicare for all.

Also, about half of America doesn’t pay taxes!

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The best way to describe this debate is to call it a dumpster fire!

Socialist Elizabeth Warren refuses to say if she will raise taxes on middle-class families and refuses to answer if she will eliminate private insurance:

Bernie and his angry eyes: Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden on health care: “Every study done shows that Medicare-for-all is the most cost-effective approach to proving health care to every man, woman, and child in this county. I wrote the damn bill, if I may say so”

Biden was slammed for not remembering what he said…Ouch!

Biden called Bernie president just like he did to Cory Booker in an earlier debate:


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