A Democratic Party Chair in PA has been forced to resign after facing controversy because of a year-old social media post he shared. His wife posted something last July that also added to the controversy that Pittsburgh’s Mark Salvas is losing his job over.

Per CBS Pittsburgh:
“I was asked by the chair of the Allegheny County Democratic Party to resign my position due to the controversy that was taking place on social media, and I did,” Salvas told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Wednesday. “It’s never easy when people you have never met accuse you of things and call you names, and you’ve never met them.”

Salvas is a former Marine who spent time in the Gulf War. He was hired last month to work as an executive director of the county party, which is Democratic.

The social media post that got him in trouble was posted a long time ago, well before he was hired. It was just a picture of him and his wife and the words said: “I stand for the flag, I kneel at the cross.”

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A screenshot was located of the post that Democrats found controversial.

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It was a post that seemed patriotic and religious, supportive of his country and his religion, and does not appear to have caused any harm.

However, it’s 2018 and being offended by everything is the new way of life.

Someone might have complained and was probably unhappy that a Democratic person would have the audacity to love his country and stand for the national anthem.

When asked about it, Salvas said he isn’t ashamed of his patriotism. He stated that he fought for America and has a right to be patriotic. He even talked about how the NFL players take a knee and that’s up to them to decide what to do, but for him – he will always stand for the flag that he fought for.

Delano continued the interview:

“Salvas: “I stand for the flag, I kneel for the cross.”

Delano: “No apologies?”

Salvas: “Not at all. Not at all.”

Why should Salvas apologize for expressing his right to support our country and his religion?

It’s believed that his fellow Democrats found it to be “inappropriate” for him to post that considering he’s a Democratic party leader.

Then his wife got involved. Not in that mess, but a mess of her own.

His wife posted on social media asking for support of police officer Michael Rosfeld. He’s accused of killing a man named Antwon Rose II.

Rosfeld is a family friend and she wanted to show some support for him, but was faced with criticism because her husband represents the Democratic Party.

It’s like the Democratic Party does not allow anyone to think for themselves. It must be groupthink or no think, and when you think about it, there’s certainly no thinking involved with groupthink!

Salvas pointed out that both families involved in that cop related incident are struggling. Both the victim’s family and the police officer’s family are suffering in different ways.

“Salvas says, like the Rose family, the Rosfeld family is struggling with the tragedy.

“They have been there for us in hard times, and my wife and I felt it was necessary to be there for them because family backs family,” he said.”

This is another example of how the Democratic Party is not allowing their members to think for themselves.

Maybe Kanye West was right and more people need to think for themselves, not be told what to think by Democratic leaders who push their agenda and don’t allow individual thought.

Maybe Salvas and his wife should #WALKAWAY.

*The title was updated to include “Iraq Vet”. The title was immediately corrected to read “Gulf War Vet”.

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