Our pathetic media is at it again…

It’s no secret that ABC’s George Stephanopoulos is a total Clintonite, so the opportunity to interview President Trump was a golden one for him.

With the bias from Stephanopoulos comes any chance to make President Trump look bad. Granted, this would never happen with President Obama. Obama was protected 100% by the press, but the dislike for President Trump, who has called them out for their bias is off the charts.

Social media is calling out ABC for their trash interview of our president. Mark Levin calls it “pathetic,” and Mark Simone had this comment about George Stephanopoulos:

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The excerpt of President Trump asking his Chief of Staff to leave the room because he was coughing is a normal reaction for someone being interviewed. ABC left the clip in to make President Trump look bad, but the altered video by Carpe Donctum is the funniest take on this awkward moment yet:


The media is doing a great job of trying to bring down President Trump. They nit pic every little thing he does or doesn’t do. Why should the Deep State attempt a coup when the media is doing a great job of destroying Trump.

We agree with Mark Levin!

Remember this?

“Deep Water” for sure!

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