Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…Senator Sanders plans to reveal a plan to give EVERY American a  flunky job with government. There’s no cost estimate yet on this plan to explode the size of government and destroy private businesses by taking away their employees. The bottom line is that this is NOT sustainable or affordable!


What’s most important to note is that two other Democrats running for President next time around have proposed similar programs. Cory Booker has proposed a universal basic income to all Americans no matter what they do or don’t do:

DEMOCRATS WANT TO MAKE US INTO VENEZUELA! Socialism is what Democrats are pushing for these days. What they forget is who pays for this massive welfare state?

California is pushing for “universal basic income” which is basically giving every citizen an allowance for breathing. Stockton, California wants to give each family $500 per month. Stockton went bankrupt in 2012!

WGN in Chicago reported:

Personal responsibility and work ethic just went out the window…

Chris Hughes made a fortune as a co-founder of Facebook.

Now, he’s arguing for a guaranteed basic income for working Americans — $500 a month to households making less than $50,000 a year — paid for by taxing the country’s wealthiest.

“I think there’s a responsibility to pay our share,” Hughes

Apparently, Silicon Valley is pushing this because of  “increasing automation and globalization”:


The progressive Vermont senator’s guaranteed jobs plan would entitle any American a job or job training in U.S.-funded projects in infrastructure, the environment, caregiving, and education, but he did not provide a cost-estimate or plan to fund the proposal, the Washington Post reported.

“The goal is to eliminate working poverty and involuntary unemployment altogether,” said Darrick Hamilton, an economist at The New School who expressed support for a guaranteed jobs program. “This is an opportunity for something transformative, beyond the tinkering we’ve been doing for the last 40 years, where all the productivity gains have gone to the elite of society.”

Studies have shown that states and cities which choose to enact a $15 per hour minimum wage trigger job losses. A December 2017 study found that once California’s minimum wage hike takes effect in 2022, the state would lose 400,000 jobs.

“It completely undercuts a lot of industries and companies,” Brian Riedl, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute who opposes the program, told the Post. “There will be pressure to introduce a higher wage or certain benefits that the private sector doesn’t offer.”


The Vermont senator’s proposal comes days after he declared President Trump’s agenda “dead” if the Democratic Party wins the majority in the House or Senate.

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