The Wikileaks e-mails are an incredible study in political destruction and corruption. The media has no shame in their clear effort to push Hillary to be our next president. It’s really sickening to see that the media has compromised any integrity they ever had so they can put the CLINTON GRIFTERS back in the White House. It’s like some kind of mafia crime family thing where there’s clear coordination in doing unscrupulous things under the table to get your way. Pretty sick!


A Politico reporter let an employee of the Democratic National Committee read a story he wrote about presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton prior to its publication, according to emails allegedly sent by DNC staffers released by WikiLeaks on Friday.

According to an email purportedly sent by Mark Paustenbach, the national press secretary and deputy communications director at the DNC, he made an “agreement” with Ken Vogel, chief investigative reporter at Politico, to read a copy of one of Vogel’s stories “ahead of time.”

“Let me know if you see anything that’s missing and I’ll push back,” Paustenbach wrote in an email to a fellow DNC staffer.



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