They were never just going to let Trump walk away.  You can never appease tyrants.  They will use any means to gain control and there will be no end to their tyrannical appetite.

Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the investigation into Russian election interference, on July 24, 2019.Andrew Harnik / AP file

Today, Democrats Ted Lieu (CA) and Kathleen Rice (NY) issued a criminal referral to the FBI against Donald Trump.  This new criminal investigation is occurring as corrupt Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger is launching his own investigation into Trump in Georgia regarding any phone calls President Trump made to any other States regarding massive irregularities during the 2020 election.  Trump previously filed two lawsuits of his own on January 3rd 2021 against Raffensperger alleging Raffensperberger illegally leaked an out-of-context section the confidential phone call he made to him regarding the questionable election in Georgia, including this bombshell claim among numerous others.

Got all that?

The Lieu and Rice referral is in regards to a phone call he had with corrupt anti-trump RINO, Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State who allowed countless ‘irregularities’ to occur during the election in his state:

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The Democrats, of course accuse Trump of election crimes for seeking to overturn the Georgia election based upon those irregularities:

“As members of Congress and former prosecutors, we believe Donald Trump engaged in solicitation of, or conspiracy to commit, a number of election crimes,” Lieu and Rice wrote in a letter Monday. “We ask you to open an immediate criminal investigation into the president.”

In truth, however, the phone call by Trump to Raffensperger in 2020 was in reference to tens or hundreds of thousands of alleged illegal votes cast and other irregularities.

The full text can be found here and an analysis of the original phonecall can be found here.  The entire private conversation is about an hour long and several pages.  However, here is Trump’s opening commentary, which gives the general context of Trump’s request to ‘find’ at least 11,780 votes:

“…we’ve spent a lot of time on this and if we could just go over some of the numbers, I think it’s pretty clear that we won. We won very substantially in Georgia. You even see it by rally size, frankly. We’d be getting 25-30,000 people a rally and the competition would get less than 100 people. And it never made sense.
But we have a number of things. We have at least 2 or 3 — anywhere from 250-300,000 ballots were dropped mysteriously into the rolls. Much of that had to do with Fulton County, which hasn’t been checked. We think that if you check the signatures — a real check of the signatures going back in Fulton County you’ll find at least a couple of hundred thousand of forged signatures of people who have been forged. And we are quite sure that’s going to happen.
Another tremendous number. We’re going to have an accurate number over the next two days with certified accountants. But an accurate number but its in the 50s of thousands— and that’s people that went to vote and they were told they can’t vote because they’ve already been voted for. And it’s a very sad thing. They walked out complaining. But the number’s large. We’ll have it for you. But it’s much more than the number of 11,779 that’s — The current margin is only 11,779. Brad, I think you agree with that, right? That’s something I think everyone — at least that’s’ a number that everyone agrees on.
But that’s the difference in the votes. But we’ve had hundreds of thousands of ballots that we’re able to actually — we’ll get you a pretty accurate number. You don’t need much of a number because the number that in theory I lost by, the margin would be 11,779. But you also have a substantial numbers of people, thousands and thousands who went to the voting place on November 3, were told they couldn’t vote, were told they couldn’t vote because a ballot had been put on their name. And you know that’s very, very, very, very sad.
We had, I believe it’s about 4,502 voters who voted but who weren’t on the voter registration list, so it’s 4,502 who voted but they weren’t on the voter registration roll which they had to be. You had 18,325 vacant address voters. The address was vacant and they’re not allowed to be counted. That’s 18,325.
Smaller number — you had 904 who only voted where they had just a P.O. — a post office box number — and they had a post office box number and that’s not allowed. We had at least 18,000 — that’s on tape we had them counted very painstakingly — 18,000 voters having to do with [name]. She’s a vote scammer, a professional vote scammer and hustler [name]. That was the tape that’s been shown all over the world that makes everybody look bad, you me and everybody else.

Later in the conversation, after explaining more data to Raffensperger, Trump went on to say this statement.  In context, it is completely innocuous and reasonable:

“…they are shredding ballots, in my opinion, based on what I’ve heard. And they are removing machinery and they’re moving it as fast as they can, both of which are criminal finds. And you can’t let it happen and you are letting it happen. You know, I mean, I’m notifying you that you’re letting it happen. So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.”

So, you can see, it is quite obvious that President Trump was not asking the Georgia to ‘invent’ fake votes for him.  He was quite respectfully asking the secretary of state of Georgia to dig through the mountains of alleged fraudulent votes and remove them while preventing alleged fraudulent actions from occurring.  Trump believed quite reasonably that, if this were done, at least 11,780 votes would be found in his favor–and likely perhaps hundreds of thousands more.

Corrupt anti-Trump Raffensperberger, of course, refused to properly audit the election and Trump eventually peacefully conceded the election.

These people will never let Trump go.  They have no reason to.  The rule of law and societal fabric has been dissolved in America by globalists and weasels on both sides of the isle.  This has allowed Democrats to illegitimately usurp power throughout our entire government and institutions.  Realistically, there is a chance Democrats could get a conviction because they are shredding the law, history, and precedent and making up new law as they go.

By beating on Trump for another 4 years, they are really beating on you.  They will boost their media and political ratings and distract the public from the incredible anti-Trump fraud that is alleged to have occurred during the 2020 election around the country.  They will also distract the public from the endless anti-American policies that Democrats will enact for 4 years.

The goal is not for Democrats to win–this isn’t about left vs. right.  The republican party is stacked with anti-American turncoats and spineless idiots who go along to get along.

The goal is the complete tear-down of America in order to replace it with The Great Reset global authoritarianism.  You must understand and accept this and then the logic of the chaos you see is made clear and act accordingly to prevent it on a local level by attending school and government meetings and affecting change in your area.

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