House Democrats unveiled their plan to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, and they plan to make taxpayers pay billions of dollars just to process the applications of illegals…

Rep. Nadler’s proposal calls for $2.8 billion in federal funds to help U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handle everything. Nadler’s proposal is part of Democrats’ attempt to use the budget process to pass a $3.5 trillion boondoggle of freebies to transform America into a socialist nation.

Former Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller sounded the alarm on amnesty:

The Democrat Budget not only grants mass amnesty for illegals but also eliminates statutory immigration caps to award MILLIONS of extra green cards to chain migrants & foreign workers. Biden’s “budget” is the most dramatic immigration rewrite since 1965 w/Ted Kennedy.

Biden announced his intent to accomplish amnesty in a video announcement on Saturday:

“I strongly support giving Dreamers, TPS recipients, farm workers and essential workers the long-awaited pathway to citizenship they deserve. I’m working closely with Congress right now to finally make that a reality.”

Democrats…Putting Americans Last!

Our border right now:

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