The Democrats went down the path of identity politics long ago but it’s only gotten worse in the past 8 years of Obama. He was a mater at dividing groups and pitting Americans against each other according to race, sex and gender. Americans figured it out in this past election when they elected Trump. President Trump has been working for ALL Americans!



Open up the Republican Party Web site and you’ll quickly see an article called “Principles for American Renewal” with 11 broad statements of principle such as this one under immigration: “We need an immigration system that secures our borders, upholds the law, and boosts our economy.”

Scroll down the Democrats’ home page and you’ll find a dull party platform with 93 bullet points and a list of links entitled “People.” Each link leads to a subgroup: Women. Hispanics. LGBT people. “Ethnic Americans.” There are 17 different groups, and a different message tailored for each.

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Republicans offer a vision to unite America. Democrats offer to break it down into pieces.

The Democrats are all about divide-and-conquer tactics when what they need is a vision of our shared destiny and the things we all hold in common as Americans. “Liberals have become America’s ideological third party, lagging behind self-declared independents and conservatives,” writes Lilla, a Columbia humanities professor and committed liberal who believes the single most important issue is on-demand access to abortion for women.

President Trump sees what a value it is to keep the very divisive Nancy Pelosi:


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