The Democrat Party and dishonest mainstream media have been working overtime to paint every Trump supporter who attended the Stop the Steal Rally in DC on January 6th as a “terrorist.”

American citizens who never even came close to the Capitol building where Capitol Police waived them up to the steps have been repeatedly slandered in the media. MI GOP Vice-Chair Meshawn Maddock and her conservative lawmaker husband, MI Rep. Matt Maddock (R), are true patriots. Meshawn, a former board member on the national Women for Trump organization, gave a speech near the Ellipse in DC and then headed back to her hotel room with her husband. Once they discovered the powerful conservative couple was in DC on the 6th, the dishonest Michigan media began a sick slander campaign against both of them. They falsely accused them of being “insurrectionists,” simply because they happened to be in Washington DC during what’s beginning to look more and more like an “insurrection” that our intelligence agencies planned.

Conservative MI Rep. Matt Maddock (R) and MI GOP Vice-Chair Meshawn Maddock

It’s almost like the media seized on the opportunity to target every prominent conservative in DC that day by falsely accusing them of activity they never actually participated in.

The Huffington Post attempted to dox every political figure tied to the GOP who happened to be in DC on Jan. 6th, calling them, “Your Local Republican Insurrectionists”

The Detroit News’ dishonest Craig Mauger did a hit-piece on the popular Republican conservatives:

Curiously, we know next to nothing about the hundreds of violent looters and rioters that destroyed major cities across America for over a year. Still, we somehow know the names of prominent conservatives who just happened to be in DC on January 6th?

Who are the people in the photo below? What is their political affiliation? Do they have a criminal record? Which presidential candidate do they support? What are their views on the November election? None of these questions will ever be asked of the thugs who did billions of dollars in damage across America, but a strong Christian couple with conservative values and beliefs will be the target of local and national media for years to come. What was their crime? They happened to be in DC on the same day hundreds of people were waived into the Capitol Building while others (mostly dressed in all black) broke windows to enter.

At the peak of COVID season, Black Lives Matter and Antifa were marching through major cities, threatening innocent citizens trying to dine outdoors, and looting and burning and looting businesses over the death of George Floyd and other black criminals who resisted arrest.


Law enforcement officers were being shot, beaten up, and killed by the violent rioters, many of whom our future “vice president” raised bail money for.

An incredible video shared on Twitter showed a mob of BLM thugs slamming an NYPD officer on his head and beating the hell out of him.

In NYC, where prosecutors are obsessed with dogging President Trump, justice for real criminals who destroyed businesses and violently beat innocent people while law-abiding citizens were locked down in their homes are, for the most part, being let off the hook for their crimes…

NBC New York reports – The mayhem continued night after night from late May into June. At one point, there was even a so-called “looting dance party” on the streets of SoHo.

The mobs seemingly pillaged at will. Many were caught on tape, some with their faces visible. Others even posted on social their own videos of their actions those nights.

“We got the Rolex store,” some in the crowd can be heard screaming in one video.

Police were far outnumbered and seemingly unprepared.

Hundreds of arrests were made during the looting and riots. Many of those arrests took place in Manhattan and along some commercial streets in the Bronx, where the problems were widespread.

Surveillance videos show looters breaking into many locally-owned Bronx stores, stores that were left ransacked.

NYPD data reviewed by the NBC New York I-Team shows 118 arrests were made in the Bronx during the worst of the looting in early June.

Since then, the NYPD says the Bronx district attorney and the courts have dismissed most of those cases – 73 in all. Eighteen cases remain open, and there have been 19 convictions for mostly lesser counts like trespassing, counts which carry no jail time.

Jessica Betancourt owns an eyeglass shop that was looted and destroyed along Burnside Avenue in the Bronx last June.

“Those numbers, to be honest with you, is disgusting,” Betancourt said when told of the few cases being prosecuted.

Betancourt is also vice president of a local merchants association. She says local business leaders are upset few are being held accountable for the destruction they caused.

“I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side.”

In addition to the NYPD and court data News 4 New York reviewed, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office provided data from the night of June 1-2, which included a total of 90 felony and misdemeanor arrests. Of those, 28 were outright dismissals. Fourteen were adjourned contemplating dismissal (ACD) which means if they do not get arrested within six months or do community service or other condition the case gets dismissed. The rest of the cases are either pending, or the accused pleaded guilty or received a conditional discharge.

“We went forward with cases for which we had evidence and a complaining witness. Some cases were dismissed, but we held people accountable because we do not tolerate violence against Bronx business owners,” the Bronx District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

In Manhattan, the NYPD data shows there were 485 arrests. Of those cases, 222 were later dropped and 73 seeing convictions for lesser counts like trespassing, which carries no jail time. Another 40 cases involved juveniles and were sent to family court; 128 cases remain open.


Law enforcement expert and former NYPD Chief of Patrol Wilbur Chapman voiced anger at the district attorneys’ dropping of so many looting and burglary cases.

“If they are so overworked that they can’t handle the mission that they’re hired for, then maybe they should find another line of work,” Chapman said.


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