Ever since the Democrats suffered a humiliating defeat in 2016, they have criticized every decision made by President Donald Trump in an attempt to discredit the effectiveness of his Administration. However, due to President’s success during his first term in the Oval Office, the Dems have now used the House to create legislation to favor them in this year’s election.

In 2019,  House Representative Earl Blumenauer introduced H.R.92. The bill’s purpose according to the Library of Congress:

“[Would] allow voting in federal elections to be by mail without additional conditions or requirements, except a deadline for returning the ballot. States must mail ballots to individuals registered to vote in a federal election not later than two weeks before the election.”

Essentially this bill would make it easier for the Democrats to tamper with voter’s ballots. The country’s reaction to the COVID pandemic has given the Dems an opportunity to advocate for mail-in voting in an attempt to minimalize the spread of the virus. Thus, the Dems have been praised and credited for their concern for the everyday American, while in reality, they only care about winning at any cost.

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