CORRECTION: Previously noted in the stimulus was $25 million for the House members. This money is to go to staff and not to the House members. The information below has been changed to reflect.

Phil Kerpen reports: This is not for member pay, which is fixed by statute. It is for staff and expense reimbursements. Exact language:

The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill STILL has pork in it from Democrats! They need to stop playing games with the American people and pass this stimulus ASAP without the pork.

The Kennedy Center is getting $25 million from the stimulus. That’s $10 million lower than the original $35 million asked for by the Democrats. What does the Kennedy Center have to do with the coronavirus crisis?

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House Democrats are also asking for $25 million to be set aside for House staff  in the stimulus bill:

Congressman Matt Gaetz tweeted out another alarming giveaway:

The pork should be stripped from this stimulus bill before it’s passed. The greed from Democrats is shameful.

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