THE DEMOCRATS ARE HAVING SELECTIVE MEMORY…The faux outrage is such a joke if you remember back in 2015 when photos and videos of illegal alien kids were scant. The politicians and reporters were mostly not allowed to enter the camps holding children. Republican lawmakers attempted to enter but were prohibited. Now we have Democrats practically busting the doors down to get into these detention facilities. Hypocrites and liars all!


Breitbart News got a few photos of kids but the biased main stream media didn’t report on the surge in 2015. We captured a few local news stories with photos but you really had to dig to find them. The difference in policy basically is open borders versus enforcing the law. Under Obama, the illegals were released but ordered to come back for an immigration hearing…WHAT A JOKE! Do you think any these people made an effort to come back for a hearing? Nope! Most of them didn’t.

Remember that this was to the advantage of the Obama administration who welcomed open borders and the new voters it brought:


The Department of Homeland Security has told Congress that for the past six years it has deported just six percent of youths who entered the country illegally, an enormous policy failure that illegal immigrants are seizing on to encourage friends and relatives to raid the border.

Getting into the United States is so easy, and staying here a cinch, that illegals are even telling U.S. Border Patrol officials that they know they will be freed and are using social media to send home photos of their “permisos,” documents that set them free.


“Border Patrol agents have confirmed that the new arrivals are saying that they know they will be released after they are processed,” said Jessica M. Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies. “They have heard this from family and friends who have gone before and shared their experience. They use social media to communicate this, sometimes even texting pictures of what they call their ‘permiso,’ which is the document they get showing them to appear for a court date years in the future.”

Thanks to Obama, the 2015 border surge brought thousands and thousands of families who had gotten word that they had “permiso” to enter the U.S.

There are a few reports but you won’t see them on the main stream media because they want to use this issue to destroy the Republicans in the midterms. Have you noticed the Democrats pivoted from Russia, Russia, Russia to the illegal kids?

The Dallas News reported in 2015 on three camps in North Texas housing unaccompanied minor kids who crossed the border by themselves. Why no outrage over parents sending children on a dangerous trek by themselves? 

The Washington Post reported on the detention of  illegal kids in 2015 but this was a rare report:

Last spring, as Central American children flooded into Texasin a way he had never seen in his three-decade career, Border Patrol agent Robert Harris decided to experiment.

His intelligence analysts estimated that 78 percent of the guides smuggling other migrants were Mexicans younger than 18 — teenagers often hired or conscripted by drug cartels that knew they would not be prosecuted if caught — and he wanted to attack this loophole.

“Why don’t we remove these juveniles from the smuggling cycle?” Harris, the outgoing commander of the Laredo sector of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, recalled thinking.

Now, as a result of that decision, young Mexicans are being held for months without charge in shelters across the United States, sometimes without their parents’ knowledge. Since the program began in May, 536 juveniles have been held — 248 of whom have been deported to Mexico after an average stay of 75 days, according to Border Patrol statistics. Mexican authorities say some of these repeat border-crossers have spent as much as six months in U.S. custody while they await an appearance before an immigration judge.

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