Two men impersonating DHS Agents were caught infiltrating the security detail of Biden and Harris

Two men were arrested Wednesday after it was found that they were impersonating federal agents. Prosecutors are requesting that the two men, Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Sher-Ali, 35 be detained due to the massive amount of damning evidence against them, including possession of multiple fake passports and IDs, body armor, fake uniforms, and assault rifles.

From The Daily Mail:

‘They are not law enforcement agents, and they are not involved in sanctioned covert activities,’ the motion for detention filed Friday claims. ‘Neither Defendant is even employed by the United States government.’

‘But their impersonation scheme was sufficiently realistic to convince other government employees, including law enforcement agents, of their false identities,’ the memorandum added.

The exact motives of the two, who almost successfully infiltrated, are unknown. However, the means and planning seem to be primarily stemming from Ali, rather than Taherzadeh.

‘With respect to Ali, Taherzadeh stated that Ali had obtained the electronic access codes and a list of all of the tenants in the apartment complex,’ the memorandum notes. ‘Taherzadeh further stated that Ali was the individual that funded most of their day-to-day operation but Taherzadeh did not know the source of the funds.’


Just after the interaction with a Postal Inspector in March, which eventually led to the duo’s arrest, Taherzadeh said that he started deleting law enforcement material from his social media.


The Wednesday raid on the apartment where the duo were staying found multiple copies of driver’s licenses, passports, United States Special Police business cards and a badge, as well as several other ID cards and credit cards.

In addition, body armor and numerous firearms were found in the apartment.

Some Secret Service Agents assigned to details for Biden and Harris’s homes are currently being investigated for accepting gifts such as free rent and partying with the two impersonators, who claimed to be agents of the Department of Homeland Security.

Arraignment also revealed that there are potential links between Ali and Pakistan’s Intelligence Service.

Two of his passports were found during a raid of his unit on the 6th floor of Crossing DC.

‘Ali’s expired passport contained several visas authorizing foreign travel,’ the Friday memorandum notes. ‘For instance, this passport contained two visas authorizing travel from the Islamic Republic of Iran.’

‘The Government has identified at least four entry/exit stamps from Mashhad International Airport in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan, Iran.’

How a potential Pakistani agent with ties to Iran get so close to infiltrating the US “Presidents” is still a mystery, but it’s certainly an embarrassing one at that. The incompetence during this administration appears to be contagious!

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