The Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO).

“THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT is conducting a criminal probe into Cori Bush, according to six sources familiar with the investigation,” Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman said.

“The Justice Department subpoenaed the House Sergeant at Arms for records relating to the misspending of federal security money,” he continued.

“Bush has spent $756,000 on security since she was elected in 2020, her largest expenditure by far,” Daily Mail reports.

More from Daily Mail:

A watchdog has demanded the Federal Election Commission (FEC) investigate the $62,000 Rep. Cori Bush paid her now-husband as a security guard from her campaign account.


The nonpartisan Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) asked FEC acting general counsel Lisa Stevenson to look into whether Squad member and BLM activist Bush ‘used campaign funds for personal use.’

It was recently revealed that Bush, D-Mo., married Cortney Merritts in a private ceremony in early 2023. In 2022 he was on the payroll of her re-election campaign.

‘It appears Rep. Bush’s campaign may have made payments for services that were unnecessary or above fair market value because of her personal relationship with the payee,’ FACT executive director Kendra Arnold said in the complaint.

‘If so, these payments would qualify as either impermissible payments to a family member or an impermissible gift.

While hiring family members is frowned upon, it is not illegal. It would only be illegal if push paid her now-spouse over ‘fair market value.’ Payments to family members must be for ‘bonafide services’ related to their official duties.

The Democrat congresswoman has spent hundreds of thousands on private security while advocating for defunding the police.

Collin Rugg writes:

The Department of Justice is conducting a criminal investigation into Democrat Rep. Cori Bush for misusing money for private security.

Gee, who could have seen this coming?

“’Rep. Bush’s campaign may have made payments for services that were unnecessary or above fair market value because of her personal relationship with the payee,” FACT executive director Kendra Arnold said in a complaint.

The funds in question allegedly went to her now-husband who she claimed was private security.

Below is Bush telling Americans to “suck it up” while arguing for defunding the police while increasing her own private security.

She also has no idea how taxes work.

Let’s stop electing dumb people.


Per Mediaite:

Bush, a progressive firebrand, was first elected to the House in 2020. After taking office in 2021, Bush was pressed on the tension between her support for defunding the police and her campaign’s profligate spending on security.

“You faced some criticism in recent weeks over your push to defund the police. Campaign records show that you spent roughly $70,000 on private security. Critics say that move is hypocritical. What’s your response to those critics?” inquired CBS News’ Vladimir Duthiers in one interview.

“They would rather I die? You would rather me die. Is that what you’d want me to see? You want to see me die? You know, because that could be the alternative,” argued Bush in her response. “So either I spend $70,000 on private security over the last few months and I’m here standing now and able to speak, able to help save 11 million people from being evicted. Or I could possibly have a death attempt on my life.”

In October 2022, the New York Post reported that Bush’s campaign had spent a staggering sum totaling almost $500,000 on private security during the 2020-2022 campaign cycle.

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