Is this a case of the left protesting again by doing something so childish? This smells like the left. Calling conservatives Nazis is their latest attempt at using Alinsky tactics to pick a target and attack it. The department store is looking at the camera footage to see who did this.

A row of mannequins inside a North Carolina department store were rearranged over the weekend to make it look like they were giving a Nazi salute.


A customer spotted the mannequins at Belk department store in Cary, just outside Raleigh, on Sunday after a deadly white supremacist rally was held in the neighboring state of Virginia.
The angry shopper posted a photo of the mannequins on Facebook, saying a number of people refused to do anything when they spotted the outstretched arms reminiscent of the Nazi salute.

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Belk told ABC the store was reviewing its surveillance footage.
The department store said they had spotted the customer on surveillance video who took a photo of the mannequins before going along and taking the arms down.


Smells like the left…

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