What happens when Hillary’s poll numbers take a nose-dive after she’s caught having convulsions in a “press-free” zone, passes out, and has to lifted into her vehicle by secret service? What happens when the public realizes Hillary is a sociopathic liar and they decide they can no longer support her, even if her genitalia matches theirs? They panic… and then they resort to the most despicable act of all…impugning the character of Donald J. Trump by using a FROG to paint him as a “racist!” pinning him to ONE person on Twitter who used Pepe the Frog to push a “White Nationalist” message. According to the liberal rag The Daily Beast the Twitter user is a self-proclaimed 19 yr old White Supremacist. 

The Hillary campaign is desperate, and is looking for any excuse they can think of to take down their formidable opponent, Donald J. Trump. How do they do it? With a frog…

From the Hillary.com website:


Over the weekend, Donald Trump’s son and one of his closest advisers posted an odd photo on their social media accounts:

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This raised some important questions.

Why is there a frog standing directly behind Trump?

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That’s Pepe. He’s a symbol associated with white supremacy.

Wait. Really? White supremacy?

That’s right.

Please explain.

Here’s the short version: Pepe is a cartoon frog who began his internet life as an innocent meme enjoyed by teenagers and pop stars alike.

But in recent months, Pepe’s been almost entirely co-opted by the white supremacists who call themselves the “alt-right.” They’ve decided to take back Pepe by adding swastikas and other symbols of anti-semitism and white supremacy.

“We basically mixed Pepe in with Nazi propaganda, etc. We built that association,” one prominent white supremacist told the Daily Beast.

Trump has retweeted his white supremacist supporters with regularity, but the connection between the alt-right and his campaign continues to strengthen. Trump has been slow to disavow support from Ku Klux Klansmen (HILLARY IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO HAS RECEIVED OVER $20,000 IN DONATIONS FROM THE KKK AND HAS BEEN OPENLY ENDORSED BY THE HATE GROUP) and white supremacy groups, and he recently hired Breitbart.com’s Steve Bannon as his campaign CEO (and Bannon isn’t shy about the fact that his “news” organization is the “platform for the alt-right”).

Now white supremacists have given Pepe the cartoon frog some Trump hair—and the candidate’s own son says he is “honored to be grouped with” him.

Let me get this straight: Trump’s presidential campaign is posting memes associated with white supremacy online?


This would be funny if it wasn’t so sickening. Here’s the proof from LIBERAL RAG The Daily Beast that Pepe The Frog is a sign of Racism: 

Like all great art, Pepe was open to endless interpretation, but at the end of the day, he meant whatever you wanted him to mean. All in good fun, teens made Batman Pepe, Supermarket Checkout Girl Pepe, Borat Pepe, Keith Haring Pepe, and carved Pepe pumpkins.

But he also embodied existential angst. Pepe, the grimiest but most versatile meme of all, was both hero and antihero—a symbol fit for all of life’s ups and downs and the full spectrum of human emotions, as they played out online.

On social media, Pepe became inescapable. Katy Perry tweeted a crying Pepe with the caption “Australian jet lag got me like,” racking up over 10,000 retweets. Nicki Minaj posted a twerking Pepe on Instagram with the caption “Me on Instagram for the next few weeks trying to get my followers back up,” which 282,000 users ‘liked.’

And then, recently, things took a turn: Pepe became socially unacceptable.

@JaredTSwift is an anonymous white nationalist who claims to be 19 years old and in school someplace on the West Coast. He told me there is “an actual campaign to reclaim Pepe from normies.”

Here is a screen shot of the PARODY account @JaredTSwift the Daily Beast and Hillary’s campaign refer to:


Yep…that’s it. Pepe the Frog was used by a singe Twitter user who clearly identifies his account as “PARODY,” so if Trump or anyone associated with Trump uses Pepe the Frog (who has been used by literally hundreds of thousands of social media users) Trump must be a “racist!” There is absolutely no mention of Jared Taylor Swift’s support for Donald J. Trump in his bio or in his Pepe the Frog posts. But that’s how these liberal rags roll, and Hillary jumped right on that bandwagon without any evidence whatsoever, in a desperate effort to tie Trump to this ONE anonymous PARODY Twitter user.

This YouTube video does a great job of mocking Hillary and her campaign for attempting to pin a “racist” label on the cartoon frog in hopes that it would in turn make American voters believe Trump is a “racist” just like the cartoon frog…Enjoy:

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