Lacey is the wife of a US Marine and mother of Emersyn (Em). A few days ago, Lacey posted an adorable video that on her Facebook page showing her reading a bedtime story to her daughter Em. The video went viral after it got picked up by People magazine and was even featured on the Today Show.

Marriage is a lot of hard work, it’s even more difficult when you’re raising children and your spouse is in the military, serving overseas. We’ve all seen heartwarming videos of moms and dads showing up unexpectedly from a long tour overseas, and surprising their kids at school or at home. Lacey Lahti, the wife of a deployed Marine and mother of baby Em, reminds us in the video below, of the little things that mean so much, even to a baby, when her daddy is overseas bravely serving in our military.

Along with her video, Lacey explained on her Facebook page how her husband Danny, recorded the storybook she’s reading in the video, for his little girl Em just before he left on his first deployment. Lahti wrote, “she was just 3 weeks old.” Lahti explained, “I read it to her every night he was gone. Now that he is gone again, we started reading it again, and I swear her face lights up like this every single time ♥️” Although it’s obvious to anyone watching, Lahti describes how much her little girl “loves and misses her daddy.”

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Lacey and her husband Danny are not only great parents, but they’re also very talented. Watch the video below, as Lacey and her US Marine husband, can be seen singing the hit song “Shallow” together in their kitchen, while Em joins in for an occasional contribution to the talented duo.

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Here’s the original video that Lacey posted to her Facebook page.

If you’re into horses, the very talented Lacey also sells breast collars for horses on her Broken L Ranch Mohair Designs Facebook page. What could be better than to make your horse look great while supporting the wife of a US Marine? It’s a win-win.

We asked for and received permission from Lacey to post the videos and images from her Facebook page.

We’d love to get your thoughts on both of these touching videos. Let us know what you think in the comment sections below.

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