This Independence Day, leftists aren’t celebrating… They’re hating

Since the decision by the Supreme Court last week to overturn Roe v. Wade, America has been subjected to endless bad takes and bashing from leftist politicians, celebrities, and even foreign bodies. This Independence Day weekend, leftists have taken to Twitter to condemn conservatives, Independence Day, and even the United States as a whole as they renounce the 4th of July.

MSNBC’s Dean Obeidallah launches his hot take rant on Twitter Friday (seen below) as he points to an imaginary contradiction between the Court’s decision and the birth and values of our nation.

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The Tweet is even complete with Court in scare quotes and an egregious euphemism for killing babies: “right to personal freedom.”

In a previous Tweet, Obeidallah invoked Fredrick Douglas’s July 4th essay on slavery, even going as far as to say that losing the right to kill babies is akin to being enslaved.

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Former Ohio State Senator, Congressional candidate, and fellow MSNBC contributor Nina Turner made a Tweet about how “human rights” (which in the left’s world always seem to exclude the right to life unless you are attacking a police officer) were trampled on and as such the 4th of July would be foolish to celebrate.

The secondary implication of her Tweet is that only conservatives celebrate Independence Day, which this year may very well be accurate.

However, Roe’s overturn is not the only thing that has some leftists foaming at the mouth. January 6th hysteria still reigns chief in the liberal’s mind as leftists such as Luke Zaleski, legal affairs editor of the parent company for Vogue, Vanity Fair, and the New Yorker, have spent the last 24-48 hours ranting incoherently about January 6th and President Donald Trump “ruining” their July 4th.

Above is a “tame” Tweet from the man whose full rambling includes such ridiculous statements as:

“On #IndependenceDay it’s important to remember the former president is a traitor who fomented a domestic terror attack on the Capitol in order to stop the certification of his legitimate loss and in effect overthrow the country and rule of law. And he was never brought to justice.”

The left has gone entirely mask-off with their hatred of America this July 4th, and it is worth remembering forever that this is how they genuinely view their country and their fellow citizens.

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