You may want to have the Secret Service on speed dial after seeing a video like this. Multiple people, many presumed to be part of the Antifa movement, stated that they would attack President Donald Trump if he arrived at their protest. They were openly saying this on video. Some were laughing, but some seemed serious as well. Maybe a knock knock from the Secret Service will remind them that perpetrating violence is a really bad idea. It’s acceptable to dislike the policies of a president, or even the president himself, but to admit you would murder someone is a huge step in the wrong directions.

This video was posted on Twitter last night when a reporter approached some of the protesters who were clearly anti-Trump. His name is Benny Johnson and he writes for the Daily Caller. The answers he received were mindblowing to say the least. It must be some sort of derangement when young people would openly state they would murder a president. It’s also very odd to see a middle-aged man admit that he would urinate on the president’s leg. One guy didn’t make much sense, but he said that he wanted President Trump to scrub the toilets because “he don’t know how to f*cking clean.”

I’m pretty sure Trump knows how to clean because he’s doing a fine job draining a swamp. That’s a big cleaning job, right?

This video provides evidence that Trump Derangement Syndrome might be more real than we thought, and sadly, more real than we hoped. I don’t recall anyone having Obama Derangement Syndrome or acting like this. We didn’t like some of his policies and his wife Michelle ruined school lunches, but the anti-Obama crowd wasn’t this vulgar.

Let’s take a look at the video and then discuss it after watching.

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Benny Johnson’s Tweet and video included words such as the following (in the event the Tweet is removed by Twitter):

“Get on…the floor and scrub those toilets himself…because he don’t know how to f*cking clean.”
“I would murder him.”
“We gotta take him down.”
“F*ck Trump.”
“We’d have to do him like Gaddafi.”
“If I get a chance to f*ck him up I would.”
“I would smack the sh*t out him son.”
“Beat his *ss.”
“I’d throw the f*cking bell at him.”
“I’d p*ss on his leg.”
“Get on his jet and get the f*ck outta here.”
“He hates everybody.”

What’s next for these folks? A career in fast food? A job at all? A brief stay in an institution after they turn this hatred and violence upon someone else?

Should the Secret Service be called to investigate these fine gentlemen?

What should happen next to the people who openly stated they would commit acts of violence towards the president?

Should alleged threats towards the president be considered a crime?

Benny stated in another Tweet that he was only at the protests, by the White House, for about an hour. Can you imagine the video footage he would have if he stayed for another hour?

Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full effect!


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