The radical left realizes that ideological diversity in universities would weaken their grip on America’s youth.

That is why when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed a bill that would require universities to report on the ideological diversity at their universities, they panicked and told blatant lies about the law.

DeSantis is very popular across the country and in his home state of Florida, so they have to continually attempt to lie about him, just as they did with the Parental Rights in Education bill, what the left called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Celebrities, members of the media, and politicians claimed that DeSantis’ bill attempting to restore ideological balance to universities required students and professors to report their beliefs to the university.

On Wednesday, DeSantis pushed back on this blatant lie.

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The Epoch Times Reports

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office on Wednesday responded to viral claims that students have to register their political views with the state.

A spokesman for the Republican governor, Bryan Griffin, told Fox News that it’s not true that students, professors, and faculty have to register their political views.

“No, students and faculty are not required to ‘register their political views,’” Griffin said Wednesday. “This same fake claim was circling the liberal Twittersphere after the bill was signed in 2021. It was debunked then. It has been debunked again, now.”

This week, several verified Twitter users—including author Stephen King, USA Today reporter Josh Meyer, MSNBC columnist Ruth Ben-Ghiat, and MSNBC analyst Fernand Amandi—spread the claim. Some re-posted a 2021 article from left-wing outlet Salon that claimed that a Florida state law that calls for viewpoint diversity and intellectual freedom in colleges forces students and faculty to register their views.

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