We loved him in “Cheers,” but haven’t seen much of 71-yr-old Ted Danson since 1993 when the hit show, starring Danson as “Sam,” ended. Today, the actor who’s known for his far-left political views, joined 81-yr-old Hanoi Jane Fonda, as the two aging actors attempt to draw attention to themselves by breaking the law on the steps of the US Capitol building.

The Daily Mail reports – For the third time in two weeks, actress Jane Fonda was arrested while protesting climate change in Washington, DC, after vowing to protest ‘every Friday.’

Aging actor Ted Danson joined Hanoi Jane in her illegal protest and was also arrested. It’s pretty clear neither one of them has any respect for the law enforcement officers who are taken away from doing their jobs to give two has-been actors the attention they so desperately seek. It would be interesting to know how much Fonda’s weekly arrests are costing taxpayers.

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After Fonda’s first arrest, she told reporters she’s planning to move to D.C. to become a full-time protester. A lot of veterans are probably wishing she would have moved to Viet Nam to become a full-time protester after the Viet Nam war ended.

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Earlier in the day, Fonda and Danson were seen walking along signs that read ‘Climate Action Now’ and ‘Green New Deal Now’ – a nod to New York representative Alexandria Occasio Cortez’a proposed legislation to tackle climate change.

At one point, Fonda herself held a poster that read: ‘Get in Motion/Save our Ocean.’

The two were arrested during an event called Fire Drill Fridays, which are organized by Fonda in an effort to get politicians to address climate change.


Capitol Police released a statement on Friday afternoon that read: ‘Fonda and Danson were among 32 people arrested for allegedly unlawfully demonstrating in the intersection of East Capitol and First Streets.’

The demonstrators are being charged with crowding, obstructing, or incommoding, which are classified as misdemeanors.

Are these aging actors helping or hurting the far-left’s man-made climate change movement? Will our brainwashed youth be able to relate to these washed-up actors?

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