Yesterday, the anti-gun, anti-fracking liberal elitist, Lady Gaga who was born in New York City and raised in the upper west side of Manhattan, made a humiliating video she hilariously thought would appeal to swing-state voters to get them to vote for Joe Biden.

In the video, Lady Gaga is dressed in camouflage while standing next to a pickup truck and holding a can of beer, as she tries to make herself look more relatable to the swing states filled with rednecks.

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While Lady Gaga was humiliating herself on Twitter, Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris was in the swing state of North Carolina pandering to Fayetville residents.

Harris panders to a tiny crowd of supporters in vehicles.

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Here’s Harris using an unrecognizable dialect while addressing a small crowd of supporters.

Strangely, only two years ago, when Senator Kamala Harris was falsely accusing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of raping or sexually assaulting three “credible” women, during his confirmation process, she didn’t have a hint of the dialect she used yesterday.

Meanwhile, thousands waited in line in North Carolina yesterday to see a man who doesn’t have to pretend he’s somebody he’s not. He doesn’t use fake accents when he’s on the campaign trail, he doesn’t tell Black radio hosts that he smokes weed because his family is from Jamaica, like Kamala Harris, whose family-owned slaves in Jamaica, or that he carries hot sauce in his bag, like Hillary Clinton told the same black radio hosts only weeks before the 2016 election.

As Democrats are twisting themselves into pretzels to appear relatable to the American public, nothing about Socialism or anti-Americanism is relatable to the majority of Americans. Donald J. Trump is simply the most relatable President in American history and the Democrat Party is in panic mode, as they still haven’t figured out how to counter the enthusiasm being shown across our great nation by everyday Americans for President Trump.

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