Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been in Congress for 28 years! It’s clear from the way she fearmongers in interviews that SHE’S the one who is afraid President Trump will be reelected.

Watch below as MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Rep. Waters tag team to stir up the emotions of Democrats by shamelessly using the flag and the Constitution: “Where are you? We have a Constitutional crisis.”

Waters claims President Trump is going to get revenge after he was acquitted. She used the pardons and commutations as an example of revenge when Obama had over 1,700 commutations and pardons during his years in office. President Trump has 26!

“He is going to get revenge. He is going to show you that there are no limits to the presidential power.”

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It’s interesting to watch the interview Waters had with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos from years ago when Waters was in trouble with the Ethics Committee. Notice that she never answers the question of whether she benefited from the deal in question.

Maxine Waters comments on the TARP money scandal:

The Washington Examiner reported in 2018 about Waters’ daughter profiting from her position in Congress:

Rep. Maxine Waters’ family continues to profit directly from her position in Congress


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