Desperate Mother Resorts To Stealing Baby Items From Walmart Amid Biden-Fueled Shortages... Her Baby And Boyfriend Die In Police Chase

May 15, 2022

A desperate mother attempted to steal items for her five-week-old baby from a Walmart in Monroe, Louisiana.  Shortly after the incident, Walmart employees called Monroe police to report a shoplifting incident.  During a high-speed police pursuit on Highway 165, the mother lost control of her car and crashed, causing her baby and boyfriend to die.

The mother was charged with two counts of manslaughter and four counts of negligent injury.

KNOE 8 News Reports


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“A woman accused of killing a man and a five-week-old baby in a crash has been arrested in Ouachita Parish.

The fatal crash happened after Candace Gill, 38, was suspected in a shoplifting investigation at Walmart in Monroe.

According to court records, officers were dispatched to the Monroe Walmart Supercenter around 6 p.m. on Monday in reference to a shoplifting complaint. Two suspects with an infant had since left the scene. The suspects were identified as Gill and Edward Williams.

According to court records, Gill and Williams stole baby items from the store and ran after being confronted by store personnel.

The suspect’s vehicle was noticed a short time later on Northeast Drive approaching Highway 165, according to a court filing. Shortly after, the suspect’s vehicle turned onto Highway 165 and accelerated. The court filing says the “officer pursued, and activated his lights and sirens, but the vehicle failed to stop.” Police say she sped down Highway 165 eventually crashing at Renwick.”

There is a widespread shortage of baby items across the country, particularly formula for infant children.  Baby formula shortages have been caused in large part by lockdowns that created a nationwide supply chain crisis.  During lockdowns, there was a run on baby formula similar to the run on toilet paper.  Many parents stockpiled formula, fearing that it would not be available later on.

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Biden is slow rolling a solution to the baby formula shortage, with Congress asking for baby formula companies to provide a response to them by the end of the month.  Meanwhile, Congress is attempting to jam through $40 billion in aid to Ukraine.

It’s good to know that the Biden regime has their priorities in check.


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