The World Class Grifters aka The Clintons are going on the road to  campaign. Does anyone else smell desperation? Can Hillary not stand on her own two feet? Bill is also known as Slick Willy so perhaps Hillary’s thinking everyone forgot his sexcapades while in office. This could make for some great political theatre…

Ol’ Bubba is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when he thought it was safe to hit the road again, Hillary reminds a new generation of voters why wise and prudent men lock up their wives and daughters when Bubba’s in the neighborhood

She has dispatched Bubba to campaign for her next week in New Hampshire. Bubba knows how to do politics — there’s nobody better — and Hillary, who’s a whiz at squeezing boodle from contributors with payback on their minds, hasn’t a clue. When she occasionally has a good week, she follows the next with a blunder.

Bubba has stepped forward in recent days to take over the retail end of the family business, and was looking forward to doing what he does best. But he forgot to put a leash and a muzzle on Hillary, who decided it was a good time to take on Donald Trump. Not a good idea.

She was offended by the Donald’s coarseness and rudeness, forgetting who was talking. She pretended to be shocked by the Donald’s locker-room swagger, and specifically his mockery of her campaign prowess against Barack Obama in 2008. “She was going to beat Obama,” the Donald had told a crowd in Grand Rapids. “She was going to beat — she was favored to win — and she got schlonged. She lost.” It’s not clear whether the lady was offended by the reminder of how she squandered that opportunity, or by his use of obscure Yiddish slang for a man’s most precious junk.

Nevertheless, the first lady who frequently turned the White House air blue with her muleskinner language played the delicate-flower card as defender of women against the Donald and the Republican “war on women.”

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