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Thanks to Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, for whom hundreds of Americans who worked the 2020 election came forward to sign affidavits describing the fraud they witnessed. Thanks to Cyber Ninjas, hired by Arizona Legislators to perform a true forensic audit after the 2020 election, and to Jovan Pulitzer who was hired to scrutinize the ballots from the ink to the paper stock, and even to the boxes in which ballots were stored, and the paperwork that recorded how these boxed were handled.

Maricopa County ballots cast in the 2020 general election are examined and recounted by contractors working for Florida-based company, Cyber Ninjas, Thursday, May 6, 2021, at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York, Pool)

Thanks to many brave members of the Arizona Legislature who had the courage to examine the election results that appeared so impossible to them to be valid. And now, thanks to Kari Lake, Arizona’s brave, clever, charismatic, feisty, and well-spoken Gubernatorial candidate, Arizona’s election fraud is still emerging, and some prosecutions have begun.

Brandon Strake (left) interviews Kari Lake (right) at a #WalkAway event

The latest information on the results of an audit of ballots (Cyber Ninjas did the ballot envelopes and to a large extent, the ballots, and the voting systems) was presented on June 27th at a hotel in Scottsdale. The AZ government would not allow it to take place on government property. It was reported that efforts to live stream the event were sabotaged, initially, but Kari Lake was able to post on Twitter and provide a link to RUMBLE so I could see Jovan Pulitzer’s presentation. A fire alarm went off in the final half-hour, interrupting the final portion of the event, and forcing the audience, legislators, technical staff, and Pulitzer to leave, but not before his presentation was completed.

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In my opinion, here are some of the most interesting findings, given my background in publishing technology, scanning, and image processing, all key components of voting systems and software.

Firstly, it is noteworthy that Mark Brnovich, a Republican, and AZ Attorney General, has sat on direct evidence of a mountain of corruption and fraud from government election officials in AZ, including allowing ballots to be counted that were voted by dead people, and even voted by dead people who registered after dying, allowing voting multiple times in multiple counties, allowing those who have moved to still vote in a county which they vacated, ordering signature verification to be disabled, holding back routers even after receiving subpoenas to turn them over to auditors, lying by internal auditors about internet connectivity of voting systems, and election officials’ obstructing of the investigations of election fraud that took place after their bogus internal investigation.

AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich

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Brnovich was called a coward and worse for his failure to honor his oath of office. In the face of “mules” turning themselves in (possibly after seeing themselves performing multiple illegal ballot drops caught on camera and presented in Dinesh DeSouza’s movie, 2000 Mules), Brnovich has been forced to finally begin some Mule prosecutions and ballot harvesting prosecutions. His office as Attorney General is now being challenged by a Trump-endorsed candidate.

Now to the presentation; If a printer prints everything nearly exactly where is supposed to be on a page, the printer is called being in “registration.” By examining the ballots actually voted in the 2020 election, Pulitzer found many ballots that were not in registration. This was visible in the degree of “offness” of the cross-hairs within a type of bulls-eye printed on the ballot for just this purpose of showing whether the ballot printer was within “specs.” If within “specs,” the ballot could be scanned and processed by software and expected to produce a valid voting result.

Jovan Pulitzer

Why would so many ballots be not within printing “specs?” Ballots that cannot be scanned and machine-read are manually “adjudicated.” Being adjudicated means a human must interpret the ballot markings to decide what the voter intended in every race, up-ballot, and down-ballot. Adjudication can be performed by anyone with authorization to do so. Election officials get to choose who performs adjudications. The more ballots that are adjudicated, the more fraud can occur.

If the adjudicators share passwords, then people(election workers, officials, voting system employees) who performed bad adjudications cannot be identified. This was the case in AZ in November 2020. Adjudication in batches of 100, 1000, or 10,000, rather than one-off, allows lots of fraud to occur very quickly. Adjudication rates in 2020 were 6 and 12 times higher than in the past two elections.

What would cause bad registration on a ballot? Paper stock for elections in AZ is supposed to be vote secure. This is the law. Arizona voting took place on lots of ballots that were printed on insecure paper. Bleed through of Sharpie pens occurs on bad paper. Election workers told those voting in person in Arizona that they must use Sharpies. Republicans like to vote in person on election day. Bleed through sends lots of ballots to adjudication because ink circles that are made on the front side of the ballot show up on the back side in odd places, and vice-versa.

Whoever ordered the bad paper was in error and was not operating within the law to run the AZ election. Whoever authorized the use of bad ballots that were out of registration was also acting against the law that dictates valid election procedures. Test runs of voting systems are supposed to be performed to identify such problems. Over 300,000 ballots fell into this category and required adjudication. This is way over, by nearly 30X, in fact, the margin of victory that was declared for Biden.

Folded ballots have artifacts that are visible to machine scanning with software processing. Ballots that were folded by machine and mailed out have different characteristics than those folded by hand at the polls after being printed on-demand. Jovan Pulitzer discovered over 140,000 ballots with folding anomalies. Again, this number is way over the margin of victory for Biden.

Phantom voters were discovered by Jovan Pulitzer to the tune of 246,691 such voters. What is a phantom voter? One type is a voter with the same first and last name, but a different birthday. Another type is one with the same name but voting in a different county. Another type is someone voting under a maiden name as well as a married name or a college student voting in the city in which they are attending school as well as in their home city. Another type is someone with a name that is actually jibberish who is on the roles, and usually never votes but did so in 2020.

The most interesting thing that I learned in watching this presentation, however, was not on the slides. I had learned from the Cyber Ninja’s audit that the election could not legitimately be called for Biden given the number of illegitimate votes counted by AZ election officials.

Jovan Pulitzer determined that the U.S. government ordered many, many ballot folding and envelope stuffing machines in March of 2020. This is more than had ever been ordered before, in a huge purchase. Think about this for a moment. What did these Deep State government purchasing people know in March about the November Presidential Election that would cause them to order so many machines to handle mail-in votes?

In August 2020, many states announced, unconstitutionally, that they were moving to unrestricted mail-in ballots. In July, our government told us that we should not gather with family on July 4th, 2020, restricting our movements and time spent with family on a holiday. Unheard of! Five months EARLIER, surreptitiously, some in our government were getting prepared for processing of masses of mail-in ballots across the country, even though shut-downs had just been implemented then, and the path COVID would take was largely unknown and unpredictable.

In Maricopa County, AZ, over 60,000 ballots were sent out and returned by the Post Office as undelivered. The Post Office actually documents this via scans of both sides of the envelopes. Not saving these ballots is a violation of election law that requires election artifacts to be maintained for 22 months. Jovan Pulitzer was told that these ballots were all destroyed. He wanted to examine them for dead voters, those who had moved and so, were ineligible to vote, and phantom voters, for instance.

The destruction of electronic election data also occurred prior to the Maricopa election office turning over evidence that was under subpoena by Cyber Ninjas. Across the country, I recall hearing of voter roles being purged in the days and months right “AFTER” the 2020 election.

Jovan Pulitzer also reported that many of our elected officials have offloaded maintenance of voter roles to a third-party company claiming to not have the resources for personnel to maintain the roles themselves. Jovan Pulitzer said that he suspects that when people request the voter data for a particular county, they receive it from this third-party company, but that when voting takes place, the “dirty” roles are still being used.

Those who are saying we must “move on,” and “forget about” any fraud that took place in the election are only trying to enable similar fraud to take place again. “So what” if election auditors lied to Arizonans, telling them the voting systems used in Arizona were not connected to the internet. They are not really technical enough to know this, are they? So human error, not malfeasance, was at play, wasn’t it? That is what we are supposed to believe. Even Hilary Clinton acknowledges that we are now living a constitutional crisis because so many do not believe Biden was legitimately elected.

Many politicians, including Republicans, are afraid. They are afraid for their careers but more sinister, they are afraid for their freedom. Those who protested the election results for an election that was not run according to many states’ laws went to the Capitol on January 6th hoping that there was one last chance that the electoral count process allowed for objections if made in writing, and signed by both a Senator and a Representative, and if election fraud evidence was presented during the ensuing debate(evidence that our courts never saw and heard because “standing” to sue was denied), reason demanded that something would be done that could rectify the preposterous election outcome.

Irony of all ironies, a couple of the members on the illegitimately constituted, Pelosi, witch-hunt committee objected to the electoral counting process in earlier elections. It could be done again. That was clear. And it was a legitimate process as specified by our Constitution.

Pelosi quickly called for Cruz to be accused of treason when he rose to object to the counting of AZ electors. Our “in” Justice Department rounded up many January 6th protesters and rounded up hundreds more in the ensuing months, and many of these Trump supporters are now political prisoners, incarcerated without due process. The goal was to prosecute them for sedition, or seditious conspiracy, but many are simply accused of trespassing, or inadvertently, by their presence in the thousands, obstructing a governmental process.

These Americans are being detained and prosecuted as a warning to all of us to “stand down” when it comes to uncovering, and decrying the election fraud of 2020. And why not instill fear in our Senators and Representatives too? I am horrified that a man with an honorable military background was stripped of his newly attained position in a state legislature and sentenced to three months in prison.

Jan 6 prisoners in DC Gulag

Pelosi accused Senator Ted Cruz of treason to instill fear among our Republicans in Congress? And Paul Gosar was the Representative who objected to the tabulation of illegitimate electoral votes just prior to the entry into the Capitol of hundreds of professional agitators (according to the Senate’s Sargeant at Arms, now inexplicably deceased at the young age of 71, ostensibly due to cancer of unknown type), ANTIFA and BLM radicals, Trump supporters, and journalists, many of whom were welcomed and waived in by Capitol police.

This untimely death is eerily reminiscent of Epstein’s, as are several Capitol police officers who committed suicide in the aftermath of January 6th. No word has come out as to the true nature of the pain that caused these suicides. This is odd. It makes me think that their families were bought off and told that their survivors’ benefits, and perhaps generous additional payouts that bought silence, would be forfeited if they came forward with suicide notes, or their personal stories of the turmoil their loved ones endured after being used as political pawns.

In conclusion, Jovan Pulitzer reported that there is now an Ap called “votifynow” into which election anomalies witnessed by everyday Americans can be entered, described, and documented. Photos of individuals wearing rubber gloves and dropping six ballots into a dropbox at 3 a.m., and photos of license plates of people collecting dozens of ballots from nursing homes, or from the reservations of Native Americans can be uploaded into votifynow. Launched just 7 weeks ago, Americans have begun reporting what they saw that they know or suspect, was illegal voting activity, or questionable election procedures like sending a dozen ballots to a residence that housed only two citizens.

The existence and use of such an Ap will, hopefully, thwart widespread cheating in 2022. Perhaps the reporting by patriotic Americans of what they witnessed in 2020 will be used to prosecute election crimes. It is our duty to be vigilant and to volunteer or work the 2022 election. If you did not vote in recent elections, check online to see the record that exists of your voting history. Report any erroneous results on votifynow.

I noted a couple of months ago that my own election office in California was seeking an employee, no high school diploma necessary, to be employed and tasked with coordinating the staffing of polling locations and operating a scanner, but signature verification was not listed as a job task.

My elderly neighbors have lived in the same home for nearly 30 years, but they told me they received four ballots for a recent election. I received an ex-roommate’s ballot for the 2020 election, and she had moved out five years earlier. I did not return this to the Post Office or to the Elections Office as undelivered, because I did not want it to fall into the cesspool of phantom voters. I did not receive her ballot for the Gubernatorial recall election. I am waiting to see how many ballots I receive for the November 2022 Midterm Election.

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