The far-left is coming for Joe Biden and putting a full-court press on him to follow through with his promises. They want free, free, free but never think of who will pay for the freebies. Free healthcare, free college education, Green New Deal freebies, $15 minimum wage…It goes on and on. America was warned and will now be taxed even more than before.

Joe Biden is the Trojan Horse, and the far-left is in charge.

Despite the media trying to tell you otherwise, socialist Bernie Sanders fully expects Joe Biden to adopt his far-left policies. During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper this morning, Sanders said he believes his policies aren’t far-left:

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AOC recently demanded that Biden “Keep his promise” on the Green New Deal:

Many other Democrats are lining up to get their quid pro quo bacon from Biden. He’s just a puppet.

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