Tucker Carlson introduced crybaby actor Mike Farrell, then immediately went for the jugular. This interview proves one thing…aging irrelevant actors are just that…aging irrelevant actors…
“So, as I understand it, if my math is right, you’re asking 37 Republican electors change their votes and vote against Trump and that would override the votes of over 62 million people. So you’re saying the votes of 37 people are more important than the votes of 62 million people. That doesn’t sound like democracy to me.”

Tucker goes on to call out the hypocrisy of rich, liberal elitist actors, “Liberals used to believe in democracy, that legitimacy was conferred by the people who live in the country, only they can choose their leaders. Maybe one of the reasons Hillary lost in the first place, is that rich people including you, no longer believe that. They think that we should pick someone ‘I like’ and it doesn’t matter how we pick em’ we’re just gonna pick em’ and they’ll be great. I mean, that is the message you’re sending right?” Farrell responded, “Let me demure about rich people, I’m not one of them”…says the guy whose net worth is reportedly estimated at $10 million. Is this liberal who’s trying to tell us who we should elect, so out of touch that he thinks having a net worth of $10 million is not considered “rich” by the standards of 99% of America?


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