The Clinton Cartel tried out a speaking tour last year and were met with empty seats, and even empty stadiums. They’re giving it another shot this year, but this time, they’re not taking any chances. The crooked Clintons have turned to Hollywood to help prop them up, and by the looks of Hillary’s decrepit, sexual predator husband, former President Bill Clinton, he could use a little propping up.

Liberal Hollywood actor, Ben Stiller’s first staged Hillary’s first softball question when he asked what she would like to be called? Without mentioning his name, Hillary, (always the victim), responded by making a joke about how he can call her just call her “Hillary,” saying, “I will answer to nearly anything since I’ve been called nearly anything.”

Ironically, the former Secretary of State who left four Americans to die in Benghazi, including Navy Seal, Glen Doherty, talked about the bravery of the Navy Seals who risked their lives to save Osama Bin Laden’s wives and kids from the Pakistan compound where he was hiding out. Bin Laden was the mastermind behind the Islamic terror attack on America that killed almost 3,000 innocent people, or as Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) prefers to remember the worst terror attack on American soil as, “Some people did something” on 9-11.

The best part of the discussion from the money grubbing Clintons came when former President Clinton, the person responsible for signing of the disastrous NAFTA deal that devastated factories and factory jobs in Michigan, chimed in on how we need a “serious discussion” about “how to bring more jobs to places that feel left out and left behind.” Clinton then took a jab at President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, that he, himself used on teh campaign trail mutliple times, after copying it from Ronald Reagan. Clinton, continued to bash Trump’s jobs market that just reached the lowest unemployment num But you can’t do it with slogans and smears” Clinton told the audience to cheers.

According to the Economic Policy Institute – The North American Free Trade Agreement (NATFA) was the door through which American workers were shoved into the neoliberal global labor market.

By establishing the principle that U.S. corporations could relocate production elsewhere and sell back into the United States, NAFTA undercut the bargaining power of American workers, which had driven the expansion of the middle class since the end of World War II. The result has been 20 years of stagnant wages and the upward redistribution of income, wealth and political power.

NAFTA caused the loss of some 700,000 jobs as production moved to Mexico. Most of these losses came in California, Texas, Michigan, and other states where manufacturing is concentrated. The vast majority of workers who lost jobs from NAFTA suffered a permanent loss of income.

NAFTA strengthened the ability of U.S. employers to force workers to accept lower wages and benefits. As soon as NAFTA became law, corporate managers began telling their workers that their companies intended to move to Mexico unless the workers lowered the cost of their labor. In the midst of collective bargaining negotiations with unions, some companies would even start loading machinery into trucks that they said were bound for Mexico. The same threats were used to fight union organizing efforts. The message was: “If you vote in a union, we will move south of the border.” With NAFTA, corporations also could more easily blackmail local governments into giving them tax reductions and other subsidies.

The destructive effect of NAFTA on the Mexican agricultural and small business sectors dislocated several million Mexican workers and their families and was a major cause in the dramatic increase in undocumented workers flowing into the U.S. labor market.

The NAFTA doctrine of socialism for capital and free markets for labor also drove U.S. policy in the Mexican peso crisis of 1994-95, the Asia financial crash of 1997 and the global financial meltdown of 2008. In each case, the U.S. government organized the rescue of the world’s bank and corporate investors, and let the workers fend for themselves.

Watch, as Bill and Hillary pander to Detroiters in the same state where Hillary couldn’t be bothered to campaign while running for President against Donald Trump in 2016.

Much like demons, the Clinton’s have been cast out and discarded from the Democrat Party. The only thing they have left is Hillary’s appeal to the hard left feminist element and the Resist Trump crowd who just can’t seem to get over Hillary’s 2016 election loss to the outspoken outsider, and the Clinton’s are clinging to them like a life raft to keep their slush-fund/charity alive.

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