A good samaritan got more than he bargained for while traveling down a street in Detroit, MI.

In a now viral video, O’Neil Colley can be heard commentating from inside his vehicle while he videotapes the brutal attack of a  52-yr-old Detroit postal worker lying on his back and begging for help, while a dog viciously attacks him. One male bystander can be seen gingerly walking up and trying to pull the dog off the postal worker’s leg by the collar. Screaming, the postal worker tells the male bystander, “Get me my bag! Get me my bag!” The man gingerly hands the postal worker his bag, and in a moment of incredible composure, the postal worker can be seen digging through his carrier bag. The man who handed the postal worker his bag can then be seen walking away. As soon as the man walks away, a courageous elderly woman approaches the violent scene with a broom and begins to hit the dog with the handle of her broom. Concerned for her safety, the man filming the brutal attack from his vehicle can be heard saying, “This lady’s gonna go out there, and then that dog’s about to attack her. Damn, I gotta go out here now.”

The man recording the video can be seen hitting the dog with a spatula. When the spatula doesn’t appear to deter the dog, he bravely picks up an empty trash can and smashes it down on the dog. The dog, who appears to be undeterred, remains attached to the postal worker’s leg. In the next scene, the dog can be seen re-attaching itself to the postal worker’s arm. Next, the brave man uses his wheel lock to repeatedly hit the dog, while the elderly woman continues to poke at the dog with her broom handle.

The dog finally releases from the postal worker’s arm and can be seen lunging at another man on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, the postal worker has made his way into the man’s vehicle who was videotaping him. The dog, who appears dazed, is seen lying in the road, until he spots the woman with the broom, and begins to chase her into her home. The video ends with the woman watching the dog lying in the street. Suddenly, the dog sees her standing by the side of the road and begins to chase her. She can be seen running into a nearby home with the dog pursuing her, as the postal worker yells, “Ms. Lucas, run!”

***WARNING***The video is very graphic and disturbing.


According to Fox 2 Detroit news – The dog eventually releases the man off-camera and lies in the street. Toward the end of the video, it charges one of the neighbors who is forced to run back to his front door.

Detroit police animal control took control of the dog and the mail carrier is listed in stable condition.

While the video is hard to watch, it’s heartwarming to see how many good people risked their own lives for a perfect strange in need. What would you have done in this situation? How would you have handled this horrific incident if you were at the scene? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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