If this cop’s comments were in lock-step with the leftist narrative, that it’s okay to use violence to punish innocent cops as long as it brings attention to a few bad cops, would this even be a news story? Why is this man, who is a target of the violent Black Lives Matter movement, unable to speak out against the very people who seek to do him and his brothers/sisters harm?

Detroit police say they have launched an investigation into an officer’s viral Facebook rant about the Black Lives Matter movement in reaction to the Dallas police shooting.

The post by officer Nathan Weekley has been viewed more than 40,000 times, and reacts to the tragic Dallas shooting that left five police officers killed and several others injured.

The post reads:

“For the first time in my nearly 17 years as a law enforcement officer I contemplated calling into work in response to the outrageous act perpetrated against my brothers. It seems like the only response that will demonstrate our importance to society as a whole. The only racists here are the piece of (expletive) Black Lives Matter terrorists and their supporters.”

That post has already led to an ugly viral backlash against Weekley. So far, he’s declined to speak with 7 Action News due to an internal investigation, but the president of the Detroit Police Officer’s Association did talk to us.


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