Dr. M. Dujon Johnson, a US Army veteran doctor and former Peace Corps member has made the brave decision to go overseas and help his friends in Ukraine fight for their country.

Johnson is 62 years old, and he served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine from 2018 to 2019. During that time he made strong connections with the Ukrainian people and says he still has several friends in the country. It is with these friends that Johnson plans to fight with when he arrives.

M. Dujon Johnson


M. Dujon Johnson in Ukraine while serving in Peace Corps

Johnson told the Detroit Free Press that he expects he’ll be given a weapon when he arrives in Cherkasy where they’re coordinating foreign fighters.  “I’m actually going to fight,” Johnson said. “That’s the purpose. It’s not humanitarian, it’s actually going to fight. I’ll be issued a weapon once I get there.”

“I’m simply acting the way that I was raised,” said Johnson. “You look out for others, you stand up for what’s right, and when there’s a call to action, you answer that call.”

M. Dujon Johnson reviewing medical supplies gathered for him at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren, MI

His family has sent him military equipment to help him through the fight that’s ahead of him. Although he has done a lot of preparation, including gathering medical supplies at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren, MI, Johnson has still experienced some apprehension about traveling to a war zone.


“Three to four days ago I had a pit in my stomach for about an hour, realizing I may not come back,” admitted Johnson. “After that, I felt at peace about it. I feel like I was called to do it.”

Friends of M. Dujon Johnson praying over him in preparation for his journey to Ukraine

Johnson said he will be relying on his faith to carry him through this dangerous and uncertain venture.

Johnson is beginning the first leg of his travel on Wednesday, and he is not the only foreigner traveling to Ukraine to join the fight. The Ukrainian government has reported over 16,000 foreigners have already arrived to risk their lives for Ukraine.



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