Do you ever wonder why your rich aunt who loved you so much never sent a card or a check with a card when you graduated from high school? What about your always generous, close friend who was unable to attend your wedding because he lives out of town and never sent a wedding gift or card? Reading stories like the one below, about an unscrupulous mail carrier who doesn’t think twice about stealing from your mailbox, might make you want to rethink that grudge you’ve been carrying around for years. I live in the metro Detroit area, and reported a man who looked out of place walking around our neighborhood with large packages under his arms. It turns out, he was part of ring of thieves following delivery services around stealing boxes that were delivered to neighbor’s front porches.

A Detroit mail carrier was arrested Wednesday after she stole customers’ checks and deposited thousands of dollars into her personal account, officials said.

Brianna Renee Readous is a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service’s North End Post Office in Detroit. According to police, in March, Readous deposited four separate checks from customers into her personal account.

On March 21, Readous is accused of depositing a check for $400 from a customer on her route. Police said she was photographed depositing the check at the ATM for the Saint Clair Shores Branch of the Michigan First Credit Union inside Kroger.

On March 25, another customer’s check for $660 was deposited into Readous’ account through remote deposit capture.

Also on March 25, Readous is accused of depositing a check for $645 from a third customer. She was pictured depositing the check at the same Kroger bank branch as the March 21 incident.

On March 27, Readous deposited a second check from the first victim, this time for $645, police said. She was photographed depositing the check at the Gratiot Branch of the Michigan First Credit Union.

Readous was interviewed April 4 by law enforcement officers and admitted to taking boxes of personal checks from the mail and fraudulently depositing them into her personal bank account, police said.

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