Manufactured protests…Hillary, George Soros, Barack and radical union style…Yawn…

Does Trump talking about bringing jobs back to Detroit really scare these protesters so bad that they feel compelled to pick up manufactured signs and pre-printed t-shirts to protest him? 

The department’s bomb squad truck was parked nearby and Secret Service officers shooed people off the sidewalks in front of the church and told them they’d have to go elsewhere. -Detroit FP

bomb squad

Watch Trump’s full speech at Detroit’s Great Faith Ministries church here:

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Liberals specialize in manufactured outrage. Here’s a perfect example:

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Pay close attention to the mass manufactured signs. The people in the video wearing #NO Trump Detroit t-shirts were likely issued these shirts when they agreed to be paid protesters.It’s not uncommon for Democrats to bus people in from other states to protest when they can’t find enough interest in their own backyards. The printed t-shirts are usually a good way to track the paid protesters to make sure they’re doing what is expected of them:

Here’s Hillary’s Michigan Communications Director is attempting to make voters believe no one showed up for Trump in Detroit. But Trump isn’t even present in the church yet. This is how the liberal Hillary machine rolls, with lies and false propaganda:

Here’s an actual picture of the crowd who came to see Trump speak at the Great Faith Ministries church in Detroit:

Trump church

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