On June 18, far-left, white BLM activist Ethan Ketner of Michigan, shared a video of protesters surrounding and blocking a lone vehicle at an intersection in Taylor, MI, shouting, “Shut it down!” at the occupant.

The driver of the vehicle, who appeared to be an elderly woman, likely felt threatened by the unruly mob surrounding their car, proceeded to drive. Protesters, who felt more powerful than a 1.5-ton vehicle, continued to stand in front of the driver as she attempted to slowly drive away. The driver ran over the bicycle of one of the protesters as she drove away. The radical road blockers can be heard asking, “Did you get a license plate?”

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Last night, another unruly mob of protesters attempted to mob a lone police vehicle in Detroit, shouting “No justice, no peace!” As they jumped on the hood of the police cruiser, the Detroit Police officers attempted to slowly edge the vehicle forward. The more dangerous the situation became, the more protesters jumped on the vehicle. The video was originally posted by white BLM activist Ethan Ketner.

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Ethan Ketner posted a video of the protest on his personal Facebook page. He didn’t exactly get the kind of support he was hoping for. Here are just a few of the comments he received. It’s pretty clear the tide has turned against these white wanna be part of a revolution activists:

The first comment (see below): You and the rest of your loser friends deserve it. Your marches are doing nothing other than entertainment, normal people and specifically people of color are laughing at dumb white asses like you keep up the entertainment I have canceled Netflix and hbo for this stuff 

Are these white, college-age kids getting extra credit from their radical professors for jumping on the hood of a Detroit Police cruiser?

Last week, Michigan’s iron-fisted Democrat Governor Whitmer, who sat back while hairstylists were criminally charged for cutting hair in a protest against her lockdown orders, but marched in a protest with BLM activists a week later, mocked President Trump for lumping Detroit in with other failed Democrat-run cities with high crime rates like Oakland, Baltimore, and Chicago.

President Trump was correct to lump Detroit in with the other failed cities. While Detroit Police Chief Craig is doing an excellent job to fight crime, the city of Detroit still reigns supreme in violent crime, as Democrat leaders like Rep. Rashida Tlaib are fighting to defund the police department in Detroit, who according to Safe Home, Detroit, MI, has the highest violent crime rate of any major city in America.

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