On November 5, 2020, between approximately 12 – 1 PM EST, a Wayne County, MI election official stood on a podium at the center of the absentee ballot processing center with a microphone and announced that it would be a good time for workers to take a lunch break. He explained that there would be a lull in the action, as election workers were getting the military ballots sorted and ready to count.

Democrat poll challengers and leftist agitators had food and water delivered to the room where the counting was taking place. A large number of GOP poll challengers, many of whom had been there since early morning, and in some cases, since Monday, had to leave the room to get food, water, or even a chair so they could sit down. After a short period of time (less than a half-hour), the workers returned to the ballot processing room to discover the doors to re-enter the large room where absentee ballots were being counted were locked and that GOP poll challengers were not allowed to re-enter.

GOP poll challengers begged and pleaded with arrogant and aggressive election workers to let them enter or re-enter the room, explaining that there weren’t enough people inside to watch the ballots being processed properly —their pleas fell on deaf ears. After an hour or so of being locked out of the process, volunteers began chanting, “Stop the vote!” The doors remained locked. Election workers inside the absentee processing room grabbed pieces of cardboard and started to tape them up on the window, completely obstructing the view of the GOP challengers who were locked out of the process.

About an hour or so after the doors were locked, Frank, a poll challenger who had been locked out, was able to make his way inside as an “Independent” poll challenger. Once inside, Frank registered at the desk as an Independent poll challenger. According to Frank, he informed the woman at the front desk where he checked in that he had a medical exemption and would not be wearing a mask. He explained that he had a note from his doctor and would be happy to provide it if necessary. He was told it was fine and waved him through.

Independent poll challenger, Frank.

Frank immediately found a group of GOP poll challengers who were wearing lanyards with large white identification badges. Within 10 minutes of joining the group of GOP poll challengers, a young black, female poll worker approached Frank, got directly in front of him, and shouted, “Put on your mask!” Frank explained that he was not going to wear a mask because he has a medical exemption. The female poll worker stormed off in a huff and began to recruit election workers and/or leftist agitators (it was difficult to determine who was shouting at him and other GOP poll challengers because the agitators and workers were not wearing any identification). Within seconds, the angry worker was back with other women as they threatened and shouted at Frank in unison, “Put your mask on!” When Frank politely refused, they became enraged and brought a bald, black man wearing all black, who appeared to be in his late 40’s over to deal with him. Without asking a single question, the black male dressed all in black began telling Frank to put his mask on, or he would have the cops throw him out. Again, Frank calmly and politely attempted to tell the election worker that he has a medical exemption. The black male election worker (supervisor?) ignored him and proceeded to the front of the room where the doors were locked, and several Detroit Police officers were guarding the doors. The two Detroit Police officers immediately approached Frank and told him to put on his mask. Frank again explained his medical exemption, but Officer A. Hunter, badge #604, told him he didn’t care. Frank warned them that if they kicked him out, they would be violating his Civil Rights. Officer Hunter told him again that he didn’t care.


Frank offered to show the police officer his doctor’s note that he pulled up on the screen of his phone, the Detroit police officer refused to look at the note. Next, Officer Hunter threatened to place Frank in handcuffs if he didn’t leave the room on his own with them. Immediately after their warning, they aggressively grabbed his arms and escorted him out as the room erupted in cheers.


After Frank was thrown out of the TCF Center, we were down one more poll challenger at a time when the military ballots were about to be counted.

Here’s the video from Frank’s Facebook page explaining what happened to him inside the TCF Center.

Here’s a photo of the two Detroit Police Officers (Frank has verified their identity) who threw Frank out of the TCF Center. As you can see, one officer is not wearing a mask, and the officer’s mask is pulled down under his mouth, and they are certainly not 6 feet away in the photo. Apparently, the mandatory mask rules only apply to non-Democratic Party poll challengers.

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