Well, this is a new one.

We’ve heard of angry fast food customers jumping over the counter to fight with employees but this takes the cake…

A Detroit woman in a wheelchair decided she’d waited too long for her food and felt the cashier was rude so she pulled out a Taser gun and fired it at the employee.

The McDonald’s employee was able to dodge the dart that ended up hitting the wall. The employee called police to the location where officers found the angry customer yelling.

The police couldn’t arrest her because they didn’t have the right vehicle to accommodate her wheelchair. The officers removed her from the restaurant, confiscated the Taser that she had tucked in her shirt and requested an out of custody warrant.

The Detroit News reports that if the Wayne County Prosecutor allows it, the woman will be arrested. The woman could be charged with aggravated assault.

Soooo the good news is that reports say that McDonalds will have self-serve kiosks by 2020. That lady can fire her Taser at the kiosk now:

So, yeah…about that whole minimum wage fight…

The unions were warned…they organized and fought the minimum wage anyhow. Thanks to the left, entry-level jobs, especially for unskilled, high school, or college-age students, will be very difficult to come by, and almost impossible by 2020.

BuzzFeed reports:

McDonald’s Kiosks Are The New Cashiers

McDonald’s will roll out self-order kiosks to 1,000 stores every quarter for the next two years, according to CEO Steve Easterbrook.

The kiosks were already in roughly 3,500 US McDonald’s restaurants as of March, or about one-fourth of its domestic stores. They will be in about half of US restaurants by the end of 2018 and in all stores by 2020. McDonald’s locations in Australia, Canada, and the UK are even further along in kiosk usage.

Customers who use the kiosks tend to browse the menu and order more, Easterbrook told CNBC this week, adding, “There’s a little bit of an average check boost.”

As part of its modernization efforts, the fast-food chain is offering customers alternative ways of ordering, including through kiosks, the mobile app, and delivery through Uber Eats.

Kiosks don’t skip work to attend minimum wage protests. Kiosks don’t make any demands at all. Once McDonald’s perfects this process, expect other fast food chains to follow suit. –AL


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