Kenosha, Wisconsin, has been the scene of complete devastation for two nights. A local furniture store owner expresses his emotions after his store was completely destroyed by looting and fire. Black Lives Matter owns this destruction, and Democrats support this group, so they own it too.

“This is a business that my parents started 40 years ago out of their garage… It’s emotionally hurtful; we didn’t do anything to anybody.”

The video below is of the furniture store going up in flames:

Some citizens were smart and were armed to keep looters away:

Another local business owner comments:

“I just don’t understand why something like this would happen”

A deeply disturbed business owner tells me

As he observes the damage to his legacy

“Our society is just really disappointing”

They destroyed everything he had

A dozen used cars & his offices

Heart breaking

This business owner was spot on with her commentary:

“This is disgraceful & it’s not going to solve any problems”

A frustrated business owner tells me outside her vandalized business

“We are in hard times, you are making this harder than it has to be”

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