Major earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria on Sunday. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit an area of several major population centers in Southern Turkey and Northern Syria On Sunday bringing along with it reports of devastation across the region.

The Guardian reported, “the population of the ten provinces in southern Turkey affected by the earthquakes are home to 13.5 million people. So far, according to the Andalou agency, more than 5,600 buildings have collapsed.

It is just after 6 am in Turkey, and we’re seeing stories of people rescued after a very long day and night, which means they survived not only the rubble’s collapse but the cold. There are many, many more who have not yet been found, with the WHO predicting the death toll could reach 20,000 in the coming days.

Video footage of a lone little girl who survived the earthquake in Syria after losing her family shows the horror the people in the region are suffering. “The girl’s entire family was #killed in the #Syria earthquake, and she was left under the rubble; her face has become very painful.”

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Two other small children waited for 17 hours to be rescued. “This 7-year-old girl shielded her little brother from the earthquake rubble in Turkey for 17 hours straight. Both made it out alive. Bless their souls.”


The video footage below shows buildings’ violent collapse during the quake, “The intensity of the earthquake in Turkey.”


The current death toll is reportedly over 7000, with expectations that the number could surpass 20,000.
“Death toll rises to 7000 after a powerful earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria. Thousands still under the debris.”

The aftershocks have continued, as shown in the current earthquake map of the region. “Current screenshot of earthquake map showing quakes within past 24 hours in Turkey.”


An ancient Turkish landmark dating back thousands of years was destroyed in Turkey following the earthquake that rocked the country and neighboring Syria in the early hours of Monday morning. Gaziantep Castle is a site known for its historical value and as a popular tourist attraction.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said 2,818 buildings were destroyed after the first tremor, describing it as the country’s “largest disaster” since 1939 when another major earthquake struck the eastern province of Erzincan.

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