Cannon Air Force Base, eight miles west of Clovis, New Mexico, went into lockdown Tuesday evening and conducted active shooter protocol.

The base asked Cannon and Chavez residents to seek shelter in place until further notice.

“According to Cannon AFB’s Facebook, at 7:28 p.m., they are currently conducting active shooter protocol. Both Cannon AFB [and] Chavez housing residents are directed to stay sheltered in place until further notice,” KFDA reports.

“There’s not an active shooter, but we are trying to locate a person who has made threats,” Clovis Police Chief Roy Rice said, according to The Eastern New Mexico News.

“Nobody has been shot,” he said.

“Officials from Cannon Air Force Base report that there is no active shooter. The precautionary measure is a response to an individual who threatened to shoot himself at a medical facility on the base. They confirm that a shot was fired, and the individual as they’re looking for him. No word on who fired the shot The shelter-in-place remains in effect,” Rawsalerts noted.

The Eastern New Mexico News reports:

Rice said Clovis’ police SWAT team is on base, working with Cannon to clear areas around the base golf course and hospital. “We’ll clear every building before the night’s done,” Rice said.

“No known injuries, but they are on lockdown,” Curry County Sheriff Mike Reeves said. “They had some information about somebody might be armed … possibly a shot fired. But we can’t find anybody. (Clovis) PD, state police, all my guys are on base. But that’s about as much as I know right now.”

Cannon personnel received a text message at 4:59 p.m. that read, “There is an active shooter on Cannon AFB. Last known location was bldg#1408/HOSPITAL. All non-response personnel should seek shelter immediately until further notice.”

Pienkowski issued the following statement from Cannon at 6:24 p.m.:

“Both Cannon AFB and Chavez housing residents are directed to stay sheltered in place until further notice. Security Forces is conducting clearing operations and searches across base. There are no known injuries at this time. We will continue to update here as new information becomes available.”

This story is developing. 

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