The historic Notre Dame of Rouen Cathedral caught fire Thursday.

Authorities evacuated the Gothic cathedral after a fire broke out in the spire.

The cathedral, located in Normandy, is currently undergoing renovations.

The blaze is reminiscent of the fire at Notre Dame in Paris in 2019.


Per The Guardian:

In later images, smoke could still be seen through a gap in the white cover encircling the scaffolding around the spire, but it was no longer rising in a dark column. After about 90 minutes firefighters said the blaze had been contained.

Stéphane Gouezec of the Seine-Maritime firefighters said the source of the fire had been located and that crews were working to ensure there were no remaining “hotspots”. He told reporters the risk of the flames spreading was low because the fire was in an area where most of the structures were metal.

He said construction workers had been the first to notice the fire and had alerted the authorities.

A jewel of French medieval gothic architecture, the cathedral dates to the 12th century and was repeatedly painted by the impressionist artist Claude Monet in the 19th century.

Fire in the wooden frame of the roof caused devastating damage to the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral in 2019, and repairs are only now nearing completion.


The fire was later brought under control.

CBS News reports:

Fire trucks raced to the scene to save the cathedral, made famous by impressionist painter Claude Monet who depicted the imposing structure in a series of paintings in the 1890s, and the fire was brought under control in about an hour and a half.

Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, the Mayor of Rouen, which is in France’s northern Normandy region, said no one was injured.

A security perimeter was set up around the large cathedral, which was built starting almost 1,000 years ago.

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