Where do I even start?

Fulton County Georgia is a hotbed of election fraud (alllllegedly!). Who can forget election night 2020 when they manufactured that ridiculous situation of a ‘pipe burst’ that disrupted the ballot counting process?

President Trump was up by around 160,000 votes at the time of the now-infamous disruption.

The counting was halted and some very questionable videos surfaced of ballot counters pulling out suitcases from under tables and sorting through those ballots. Anyone with half a brain can see what occurred in 2020 in Fulton County.

Scores of MAGA patriots point out this fact, former President Trump was arrested for pointing out this fact, and numerous court cases have emerged to challenge the clear fraud that took place.


One of these court cases, Favorito v. Wan, alleged that roughly 150,000 ballots were fraudulent due to their pristine condition, similarities to one another, and discrepancies from the standard ballots.

None of these 150,000 mail-in ballots were folded—a curious feature of MAILED pieces of paper that must fit inside of a standard mailing envelope.

Virtually all of these ballots featured nearly perfect circles filled-in with ink and they all featured a similar ‘crescent’ shape in the middle of the perfectly filled-in circles.

This screams that these ballots were printed en masse by one person or one entity—not unique voters filling in the ballots with pens.

Moreover, the ballots in question were printed on paper that was noticeably distinct from the other ballots, according to sources.

Now, we are seeing the highly-paid Fulton County attorneys drop out of the case! No reason was given as to why the attorneys dropped the case, but it is a rather curious development.

For both attorneys to drop out simultaneously does not indicate the usual personal problems or professional upheaval in the lives of practicing attorneys—it suggests, though does not prove, that they know the case is lost.

The idea that the 2020 election was not completely rigged and full of widespread election fraud is decreasing every single day—the evidence is not being refuted, it is piling up. Here are the latest updates:

Becker News was perhaps the only other outlet that provided coverage of this development:

“We have what is almost surely major absentee-ballot fraud in Fulton County involving 10,000 to 20,000 probably false ballots,” claimed Garland Favorito, the lead petitioner in the case and a certified poll watcher.

“We have confirmed that there are five pallets of shrink-wrapped ballots in a county warehouse,” he said.

In addition, there are massive chain-of-custody issues in Georgia related to ballot images.

The MAGA community pointed out the sudden withdrawal of Fulton County’s defense attorneys and alluded to the idea that they withdrew because the case was a lost cause.

The New York Post noted several election integrity issues all over the country and writes:

Most European countries require voters to show up in person, unless they are out of the country or disabled.

These countries tried mail-in voting and eliminated it in the face of widespread fraud.

Americans need to get smart. Convenience shouldn’t take priority over security.

Before you board a plane, you have to wait in line while your carry-ons are inspected. It’s inconvenient but worth it.


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