Devin Nunes just put Twitter and other social media giants on notice…Congress is looking at “legal remedies” with Twitter. We hope they follow through!

During an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Nunes said legal avenues to stop shadow banning on twitter are being looked into. Censorship is alive and well for pro-Trump twitter pages. 100% FED Up! just found out today that shadow banning is happening to us. We are also being shadow banned by Facebook. We visited and met with numerous Congressman in DC last month to present data showing how pro-Trump pages are being censored.

We hope that all of Congress realizes how silencing a big part of conservative media hurts our cause and hurts us for future elections. Our traffic on Facebook has dropped over 75% due to shadow banning.

We started our Facebook page out of a desire to tell what the main stream media doesn’t. We want to keep doing what we do but the censorship is only getting worse. We are being silenced.

If you’re on the left, you might want the censorship of your opposition but check this out:

What if the tables were turned?


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