Rapper Jay-Z was interviewed by Van Jones on CNN. The topic came up about the comment President Trump allegedly made about “shithole countries” (that has since been debunked by several others in the private White House meeting). The rapper took the opportunity to frame President Trump as a “closet racist” who clearly doesn’t care about the black population in America.

The guy who calls women “ho’s” (whores) in his rap videos, and whose wife, Beyonce, dedicated an entire Superbowl halftime show to trashing our law enforcement, while honoring the violent anti-white hate group, the New Black Panthers,  had the audacity to tell Van Jones, “This is how they talk behind closed doors.”

Van Jones asked Jay-Z if it’s okay for President Trump “to say terrible things but put money in our pockets”, referincing reports that Black unemployment numbers are at a historic low, thanks to President Trump’s amazing pro-business policies. Jay-Z, whose net worth is estimated at $810 million, told Van Jones that didn’t matter to him, “because it’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.”

Watch the embarrassing exchange here:

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Diamond and Silk made a special appearance on Fox and Friends earlier today, where they blasted Jay-Z and his hypocritical comments.

Diamond and Silk told the Fox and Friends hosts: “Liberals – they’re trying to use their influence and their power to… sway people to continue to be poor, while they continue to be powerful so that we can be beneath them.”

On the subject of Jay-Z, the hilarious duo, who is ususally spot-on with their commentary, suggested that if money doesn’t make Jay-Z happy, perhaps he should give up his fortune to the less fortunate, and while he’s at it, why doesn’t Jay-Z let fans attend his concerts for free. They also suggested that despite what the out-of-touch liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Jay-Z say, there are many black people living in the “hood” who are grateful to President Trump for helping them to find jobs.


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