Diamond and Silk: “Liberals are trying to destroy this country. They want us to live in a third-world country. We don’t want socialism. I don’t want globalism… I want to live free. I want to be happy, and I want to help President Trump make America great again.”

The ladies are spot on! They are fighting the good fight for President Trump. If you don’t love America then you can leave!

The ladies visited the White House recently:

They’re President Trump’s #1 fans and they’ve been with him from the start of his campaign. The wildly popular, hilarious and outspoken “Diamond and Silk” duo have been hitting it out of the park on YouTube with their videos that rely entirely on pro-Trump commentary. They never use vulgarity or threats and their videos are always G-rated (Well, okay, a few of their videos may be PG-13). Apparently supporting the President of the United States now violates YouTube’s monetization policies. Their videos have received millions of hits and had such an effect on liberals that Youtube recently made the decision to pull 95% of their revenue.

Conservative Trump supporters Lynnette Hardway and Rochelle Richardson of North Carolina, know they’re never going to get an invitation to leftist” The View” show, so, by using a few special effects, Diamond and Silk have decided to make a surprise visit to The View hags and give them a piece of their mind. The result is hilarious!

Watch, as Diamond and Silk school Whoopie, Joy Behar and the rest of the liberal hags on The View about who is, and who is not our President, and remind them of what the President’s role is and what is expected of Congress.



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