Journalist Paul Sperry tweeted that about a former FBI agent on the ground at U.S. Capitol who texted him and “confirmed that at least 1 “bus load” of Antifa thugs infiltrated peaceful Trump demonstrators as part of a false Trump flag ops.”

Storming buildings and creating chaos is the trademark of the violent Antifa group, so it isn’t really such a far-fetched idea, especially since non-mainstream media news outlets have been reporting about such a possibility for weeks. Eight months ago, in Nashville, TN, violent Antifa/BLM protesters set fire to this beautiful government building after they busted out the windows. Crowds of bystanders stood by and cheered. Curiously, Democrats didn’t seem to be bothered by their actions, because the violence was for a good cause…the death of George Floyd. Apparently stealing a national election doesn’t rise to the same level of concern for Democrats.

We spoke with a young Trump supporter who attended the rally in DC today. He told us that the group of “protesters” who stormed the Capitol kept to themselves and for the most part, weren’t part of the massive crowd of pro-Trump patriots. He said he was asked “more than once” if he was “Antifa?” because he was wearing his MAGA hat backward.

An older Trump supporter explained how a young kid wearing knee pads, dressed all in black, ran by him and joined a group of other young men dressed all in black to storm the gates of the Capitol building.

A video shared by independent reporter Elijah Schaffer on Twitter shows the exact moment the gates to the Capitol building were knocked down, while Capitol Police attempted to hold the line. The guy leading the charge in a black t-shirt is wearing his MAGA hat backward, two of the others leading the charge to knock down the fence are dressed all in black with black face coverings, which are typically worn by Antifa.

The protester hanging from the wall in the Senate Chamber in this photo looks more like a member of Antifa than a Trump supporter.


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