Members of the climate activist group ‘Just Stop Oil’ broke into the private airfield at the United Kingdom’s Stansted Airport in Essex early Thursday morning.

The group claimed Taylor Swift’s private jet was parked at the airfield.

“Jennifer and Cole cut the fence into the private airfield at Stansted where @taylorswift13’s jet is parked, demanding an emergency treaty to end fossil fuels by 2030,” Just Stop Oil wrote.

In the video, the activists sprayed orange paint on two planes.


However, the airport said Swift’s jet was not among the two doused in paint.

BBC reports:

An airport spokesman said protesters had entered the private aviation area of the airfield, away from the runway and main passenger terminal.

“As a precaution, runway operations were suspended for a short period, but no flights were disrupted, and the airport and flights are operating as normal,” he added.

Chief Supt Simon Anslow said: “I would like to reassure passengers and the wider public that we are well prepared and resourced to deal with incidents of this nature.

“Almost immediately after we were made aware of this incident, which took place away from the main passenger terminal, we were on the scene.

“Just Stop Oil claimed Taylor Swift’s luxury jet was parked there while she is in the UK for her Eras Tour. But MailOnline understands it was not one of the two jets defaced,” Daily Mail noted.

Just Stop Oil activists also defaced Stonehenge earlier this week.


Per Daily Mail:

Critics have said that her attack on Stansted again shows how often protesters are being bailed before committing more crimes.

The attack came less than 24 hours after JSO yobs appalled the world by spraying Stonehenge orange.

The protesters have been held on suspicion of criminal damage and interference with the use of national infrastructure.

Yesterday, the headline-grabbing group targeted Stonehenge in Wiltshire by attacking the ancient monument with spray paint – leading Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to brand them ‘a disgrace’.

Far from raising awareness of climate change, their antics sparked widespread condemnation after it emerged activists could have irreparably damaged rare lichen that lives on the rock.

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